Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Harish Rawat should think twice before rebelling

Written by Anil Singh

Harish Rawat should think twice before rebelling.

He may have 16 MLAs with him... He may have hundreds of vocal supporters by his side... But still, he should think twice before rebelling... and don't particularly entertain any ideas of creating his own party.


As in India, supporters and voters have primary allegiance to a political party. A person is always an entity which makes the party; but he/she can never replace the party.

That apart, if we talk of Men in general, Men have faith towards the group they are art of. Women in contrast, believe and thus have faith in individuality. This becomes amply clear, when one sees, "women not very successful in Armed forces" OR "Women seldom taking part in mob activity (mob, means unruly crowd, which acts out of crowd mentality, that's as a collective unit)" OR "Card holders of any political party are mostly Men".

Hence if Indian politics is Male dominated, both in terms of voting and ruling, then Mr. Harish Rawat should not take any haste decision. Remember if he rebels, he not only risk his political career, but will also risk being tagged as a traitor for rest of his career.

Why? As if men dominate Indian politics; then they have loyalty towards the group they are part of, and not to some person.

We already know some people from Uttarakhand Political arena, who didn't pay heed to this advice and either lost or risked getting lost in the oblivion. Yes, you're right, talking about KC Pant and Mr. BC Khanduri.

It appears to be a case of: Too many experts in Congress, ruining the party; BJP is NOT an Exception...

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