Sunday 14 October 2012

Saket Bahuguna gets 'Maggi Noodles' lesson in politics

Written by Anil Singh

Saket Bahuguna's statement, post defeat, is interesting. Accepting his defeat to BJP's Mala Rajya Lakshmi in Tehri Bypoll, the young Congress leader said, among other thing, that 'The voters of Dehradun couldn't understand him'.

Well, Saket Bahuguna didn't tell what kind of voters he's referring to.

If he's referring to floating voters (those who are prone to change their candidate, even on the election day); then he should seriously consider "An important Lesson in politics".

The important Lesson is the 'Maggi Noodles Formula'

Maggi Noodles Formula goes like this:

In the last two years, Maggi Noodles' Rs 10 pack, is silently having a weight loss. Earlier it used to weigh 100g, then became 92g, then 85g, then 80g and currently the scale tips at 75g. In short, the packet has lost 25 percent of its weight in the past 2 years, but remarkably it has not lost its worth. You still pay Rs. 10 for it.

Hence, 'Maggi Noodles Formula' in politics says that voters hear and respond to only that what is being communicated. if you fail to communicate something, they fail to hear the said thing. Lets get back to the Maggi Corollary once again. Maggi never told you that it's reducing the among of noodles in the packet; but the day it will give you 20 percent more Maggi, it will bring Amitabh Bachchan to say that pitch: "Now Get 20 percent more Maggi Noodles".

And interestingly, that day you will be getting just 90 grams (75 multiplied by 20 percent + 75 = 75 + 15 = 90), 10 grams less than what you used to get 2 years ago. But still you will be happy.


For who is the Canvassing for? It's not for the loyal voters. It's for the Floating votes. As loyal voters always pre-decide on who to vote for. Only a floating voter can be wooed by communication. This communication means clearly telling this voter, what good you have done, while cleverly remaining silent on any weaknesses. The idea is to show the 'balance of communication' towards a positive side. Just as Maggi Noodles is doing from the past two years.


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