Sunday 14 October 2012

Baba Ramdev shouldn't exploit public sentiment

Written by Anil Singh

Only yesterday I wrote how the CBI probe on Baba Ramdev can be a vendetta thing (initiated by Congress to teach Baba Ramdev a lesson). But that article doesn't mean Baba ramdev should exploit the public sentiment.

In his media conference yesterday... the witty Baba ( in hindi one can say 'Vakapatu' and 'vachaal') said -- He's not afraid of a CBI enquiry.

But cleverly added, ...Unless the CBI enquiry is transparent.

By raising the question of "Transparency of CBI enquiry", Baba Ramdev is trying to tilt the public opinion to his favour.

Honestly speaking, there's no need for him to add "CBI Transparency Question" in his media conference.

The reason is: The number of  'convictions assisted by CBI investigations' in the last 20 years prove that the agency is not the best of the investigators in the country. Hence, if CBI fails to collect adequate evidences against Baba Ramdev; then that will make the case fall in the Court of Law.

If somehow, CBI manages to work effectively in this particular case, then it will serve justice to Baba Ramdev's Guru Shanker Dev. Who mysteriously went missing in 2007. And those students, who he brought us like a father,waited for full two days to register an FIR.

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