Tuesday 11 February 2014

CM Harish Rawat tells Vidyut Nigam To Adopt polytechnics, ITIs

Written by Anil Singh

Lets not see this as an attempt to leave one's responsibility on to some Government run department. Instead, lets see this as a thing which must have been implemented years ago. It's a case of utilizing the full potential of every single penny spent by the Government.

Noting a 2-crore strong skilled workforce requirement in the power sector by 2020, the Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat on Monday asked the Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam to adopt polytechnics and ITIs and prepare a roadmap for turning the available manpower into a skilled workforce.

The CM was speaking on the foundation laying ceremony of a dam of 120 Mw Vyasi hydel project and resumption of 300 mw Lakhwad multi-purpose project in Joodo village. UJVN MD GP Patel said Vyasi hydel project will be completed in 3 years and the Lakhwad project in five years.

Polytechnics and ITIs must be Hubs for serious Practical Training

CM Harish Rawat asked the UJVN MD to develop the state's ITIs and polytechnic institutes as centres of excellence and explore methods for turning the youths into a skilled workforce which could be absorbed in the power sector in the years to come. And rightly so.

Ask any student who has attended one of these ITI's and Polytechnics? Without second thoughts, he/she will tell you that the biggest bottleneck affecting these ITIs and Polytechnics is the lack of real practical training. Since most of these ITI and Polytechnic passouts have to take technician, fitter and Junior Engineer jobs in the job market, the lack of real practical training hits them hard.

Under this light, Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat's statement below, appears quite correct,

"By doing this Uttarakhand can play a leading role in the Centre's skill India campaign," 

Lets hope the Electricity Sector in Uttarakhand starts adopting ITIS. Polytechnics in Uttarakhand soon. With the kind of infrastructure and real implementation, many ITI and Polytechnic passouts will benefit.

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