Saturday 13 April 2013

Can you Vote for BSP’s Dehradun mayoral nominee Third Gender Rajni Rawat?

Written by Anil Singh

An important Question: Can you Vote for BSP’s Dehradun mayoral nominee, Third Gender Madam Rajni Rawat?

I think, you can. But the answer has some reservations.

Why you can Vote for BSP’s Dehradun mayoral nominee Third Gender Rajni Rawat?

The BSP's mayoral candidate for Dehradun is Rajni. A Eunuch, Rajni is no new to politics and has contested mayoral elections in 2008 as an independent. She bagged 44,000 votes to finish second. In 2009, Bahuguna persuaded her not to contest from the Tehri Lok Sabha seat, apparently so that he could be assured victory.

Dehradun mayoral nominee Third Gender Rajni Rawat

Now reports suggest that, Rajni is upset that Bahuguna did not keep his side of the bargain, which she says was a Congress ticket in the 2012 assembly polls.

Rajni wants Dehradun eletorate to vote for her in Deharadun Mayoral polls. And if she wins, she will contest the next Lok Sabha polls against Bahuguna's son Saket. Yes she will contest the polls from Tehri Lok Sabha seat, 80 per cent of which falls within the Dehradun Municipal Corporation.

Now, why you should be voting for Rajni as Dehradun mayor.

People belonging to fringe groups (those groups which are not given much stake in power, society etc.) like Bachelors (unmarried males), maidens (unmarried females), Third gender want recognition from society. This they do by their work. If you vote for such candidate, he/she will work with twice dedication than someone not craving for your love and respect.

In the past as well, whenever eunuchs won elections, they did great job. One example is Shabnam Bano "Mausi" (mother's sister or aunt), is the first transgender Indian or Hijra to be elected to public office. She was an elected member of the Madhya Pradesh State Legislative Assembly from 1998 to 2003. She served people with utmost humility and dedication.

Another reason for supporting candidates from these fringe groups is that they don't have immediate family; this makes them relatively cleaner in money matters, compared to family individuals.

Thus you can vote for Rajni, if you want better roads, streets and civic amenities.

Can you SHOULD NOT Vote for BSP’s Dehradun mayoral nominee Third Gender Rajni Rawat?

Simply because she is not contesting as independent. She may be a strategically placed candidate of some party, which wants to cut the votes of its rival; by staging Rajni in the fray. Here, since Rajni has a history of being opposed to Congress, she may be cutting Congress votes. We know, our vote in important.

Thus in short, the situation may not be as innocent as it looked.

Another reason why you shouldn't be voting Rajni if she is contesting or made to contest the Dehradun Mayoral poll; simply to embarrass some other candidate. In NO CASE the level of debate in any election should go to the LOW level: "Ek Hijre Se bhi Jeet nahin Paaya" OR "Ek hijre isse Harayega".

Politics is a serious thing. If voting for Rajni makes it trivial, then you shouldn't be voting for her.


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