Saturday 13 April 2013

Uttarakhand promulgates ordinance to save MLA Harak Singh Rawat

Written by Anil Singh

Do you know why ordinary citizens find politics weired? As most of the times the politicians keep raising least important issues and inventing tactics to save them selves. This once again became evident when the BJP kept targeting Congress leader Harak Singh Rawat on Office of Profit issue; and the Congress Government kept sticking on its stance to defend its minister no matter what. Yesterday, the Uttarakhand government has promulgated an ordinance to keep five corporations out of the ambit of the "office of profit" tag. The decision taken at a cabinet meeting chaired by chief minister Vijay Bahuguna, was taken to save agriculture minister Harak Singh Rawat. The corporations to be thus exempted are: the Tarai Seeds Development Corporation (TSDC), Seeds Certification Corporation (SCC), Uttarakhand Purva Sainik Kalyan Nigam Ltd (UPSKNL), and Punjab and Urdu academies.

With the decision the agriculture minister Harak Singh Rawat is saved from being sacked as member of the state assembly for holding more than one office of profit — including posts in TSDC, SCC and UPSKNL under the agriculture department — in blatant violation of constitutional norms.

To ensure that Mr. Rawat gets no heat, the ordinance had been drafted with retrospective effect, the five corporations would stand to be kept out from the office of profit from the dates they came into being.

BJP is master in raising least important of issues!

Congress may have searched a way out to save its valuable MLA. But consider what BJP has done! The opposition in Uttarakhand Assembly, mysteriously decided to stall the Assembly on the issue of Harak Singh Rawat. When more important issues like Sidcul land allocation are sidelined. Here  I suspect that both at the centre and the Uttarakhand, BJP doesn't go for issues where its own role can be questioned. Here it kept mum on SIDCUL issue. In Centre it chose to beat the hell out of 2G allocation, while keeping mysteriously silent on Coal Blocks allocation and VIP chopper deal!

I suspect BJP will ever raise issues which affect Uttarakhand Youth and Uttarakhand people.


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