Saturday, 7 April 2012

Pushkar Singh Dhami rightly snubs CM Bahuguna for his “Bhiksha” Speak

Written by Anil Singh

Pushkar Singh Dhami of BJP, a first time MLA from Khatima Assembly Constituency; has rightly snubbed, the new CM Bahuguna for his statement, in which he asked the “New UP CM Akhilesh Yadav to put a loan as Bhiksha (donation or giveaway) in the bag of a Pandit from Uttarakhand ”.

In the above statement, Mr Bahuguna was referring himself as the ‘Pandit from Uttarakhand’.

Mr. Pushkar Dhami is not alone, for getting disappointed with the statement. Any aware individual will not like such speak.

But, although not sure, I have a strange feeling that Mr.Dhami’s disappointment is not for the interpretation; I have for the statement.

Mr. Dhami, who wants the CM to apologize to Uttarakhand for his speak; interpreted the situation, as an offence to a particular community in the State; who the statement portrays as beggars.

My disappointment at the CM’s said statement; emanates from a different interpretation.

For me, Top leaders and people who are seen as highly educated shouldn’t use caste symbols in their public discourses. As saying things from caste point of view, or from caste symbols, makes the talk restrictive. Taking CM’s ‘Bhiksha’ speak for instance: Doesn’t it imply that if the CM wouldn’t have been a Brahmin, the UP CM wouldn’t have given the Loan?

Hence, Mr. Dhami should not put too much stress on the apology. When the fact of the matter is: The CM shouldn't have said, what he said, in the very first place.

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