Saturday 7 April 2012

And then they say Congress's focus is not on Governance

Written by Anil Singh

Since the day new CM Vijay Bahuguna was administered oath and a fortnight prior to that; we are constantly being reminded by the Opposition BJP, the newspapers and the TV channels that; Congress is still marred by an infighting.

A scenario, which may or may not be true.

But the question is: What is BJP doing to make the situation not transgress to getting worse?

In short, as a responsible opposition, what is BJP doing to help the new Government work -- so that important work of Governance takes on?

Nothing. In contrast, it's trying everything to stop the situation get back to normal.

As if, the constant rant by BJP about the 'infighting in Congress and the new CM's woes' was not enough; reports now suggest that BJP is planning to field the former CM BC Khanduri from the seat Vijaya Bahuguna  plans to enter the Uttarakhand Assembly.

As a political party, BJP has every right making it difficult for the new CM to enter State Assembly. If Vijay Bahuguna loses; This gives them a chance to come back to power.

But what about the 'governed'? About us? Will we as voters see another six months of instability; only because the opposition party is desperate to come to power. What about the countless youth in the state, who preparing hard for State competitive exams, have to wait for six months for their result? What about, other welfare schemes for Uttarakhand people, which get affected by prolonged instability.

Political parties, and in this context BJP, speak of 'Party with a difference and character' all the time; and now it's trying to put the state for another six months of instability and patchy governance!

In Indian politics, we speak of 'symbolism and ethics' all the time. Let the opposition not put undue obstacles in the path of new CM getting into State Assembly. Let him work, for the people. If he fails on Governance, then the Opposition will not have any problem toppling him down and coming back to power.

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