Wednesday 19 December 2012

Anti Quota in Promotion Agitation in Uttarakhand is Anti-Congress

Written by Anil Singh

Like Lokpal, FDI, Price Rise etc................ The Anti Promotion Agitation in Uttarakhand has also exposed itself. It's actually Anti-Congress.

I'm not taking sides. But yesterday's tussle between 'Anti Quota in Promotion' Group and 'Congress people', proves the same.

Realistically speaking, if any party is to blame for ditching its supporters by helping bill pass in the Rajya Sabha; it's BJP.

Why? As the party had a contradictory stand on the matter. While addressing to its supporters, it spoke against the Quota in promotions; but in the RS it chose to vote in its favour.

Interestingly, Congress from day one, never bashed the Quota in Promotions. And their vote in favour of Quota, is in line with the view.

Hence, the political party, the  'Anti Quota in Promotion Group' should have been mad at yesterday, should be the BJP and not the Congress.

But since their anger was again at Congress; they exposed themselves badly. They appeared like a BJP support group.

The Bigger Question (s):

In the FDI debate, BJP and its supporters, blamed Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samj Party, for having visibly double standards. What to call BJP's stand in RS on Quota in Promotion?

Now, BJP easily blamed Congress for misusing CBI, to garner SP and BSP support on FDI. The question is, has Congress used the same CBI, to make BJP vote in favour of Quota in promotions?

This brings us to a bigger Question. And the question is: 

If all such so-called apolitical agitations clearly behave like Pro BJP and Anti-Congress; Won't they (Agitations) lose their edge?

There're much bigger Questions Here: 

Isn't it time for public to compel BJP to clear its stand on important issues?

How long will BJP dupe the citizens, by displaying a sham tag of -- "The party of Upper Castes and Business Community"; when it chooses to vote in favour of "Quota in Promotions in Rajya Sabha"!


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