Sunday, 22 April 2012

Mr. Harish Rawat showing himself in a Bad Light

Written by Anil Singh

Although it will appear unethical to some; but since BJP made Congress's TPS Rawat sacrifice his seat for CM BC Khanduri in 2007; hence BJP has not moral ground to shout fowl now; when Congress is trying hard to make some BJP MLA leave his seat for new CM Vijay Bahuguna.

The morality issue here is more for the BJP MLA who chooses to sacrifice his/her seat for the CM.

One more person, who is constantly being seen on the negative side of morality ground, is the Congress Leader Harish Rawat.

Mr.Rawat, who is constantly saying and giving indications that his party's attempts to pull over a BJP MLA for the sake of the new CM is not a good thing; is not portraying him in Good light.

People, and more specifically the Congress supporters in the state are seeing it as Mr. Rawat's malicious attempt to destabilize the Government.  What if the party asks its own MLA to sacrifice the seat; and then BJP fields a strong candidate; and the CM incumbent loses? they are asking.

In such a scenario, Congress will become two seats less from BJP, the opposition party.

It's up to Mr. Rawat, to decide what is the best thing to do at this moment. But, he should remind himself that, men don't like even an inch of disloyalty to the group one is part of.

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