Friday 21 September 2012

BJP Leader Matwar Singh Kandari joins Congress...Hmm

Written by Anil Singh

BJP Leader Matvar Singh Kandari today joined Congress...

Hmm (thinking) ... Because, when it comes to trading philosophies and loyalties, voters are not as skilful as Politicians.

BJP may not have treated Mr. Kandari well, but changing a party is a big move, especially from the voter's perspective. He (the voter) feels deceived.

The move from BJP to Congress is especially quite a rattling event (for the voter); as it is a MOVE from Hindutva to Secularism.

The politician can change his robe from Saffron to White. But what about voters, who have allowed Hindutva spread its roots in their minds.

I'm wondering... How Mr. Kandari will hail Congress and attack BJP in some future election Rally. Obviously, he will have to take a complete U-turn.

Post Script (PS):

Politics is a science and an art of finding opportunities. Politicians normally believe that the differences among them are merely Ideological ( in Hindi "Vaicharik"). Hence they can attack each other in public; and be best friends in private.

But the voter (you and I) who votes for a politician is not that WISE...He treats every word in a political rhetoric eternal truth. No wonder he kills and get killed for the honour of those words.

I'm wary of Hindutva Politics -- As, when a Hindutva politician joins Congress; it becomes amply clear that God is just a vote bank issue for hindutva lobby.

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