Saturday, 28 January 2012

How will Independent Candidates perform in Uttarakhand Assembly Elections

Written by Anil Singh

Three days ago, we started a poll/survey, asking our readers to have their say regarding the Independent Candidates (Nirdaliya Pratyashi). We asked a simple question: Will they vote for an Independent candidate in the upcoming Assembly Polls? Below are the results:

This time around, the number of Independent candidates has increased significantly. These include rebels and enterprising persons with big dreams. The survey says that nearly 4 out of every 10 voters in Uttarakhand, can vote for a candidates with no party symbol. If one takes into account 11 percent of respondents still not sure, whom to vote for, then it can be said, compared to the last election, people's outlook towards independents has changed.

Although the real picture will be revealed only when the vote share (percentage of votes received) of parties and independents is revealed post Uttarakhand Assembly Elections Results.

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