Friday 27 January 2012

Helmet Made All The Difference

Written by Anil Singh

Those who don't wear a helmet while driving a Two-wheeler; often make fun of those who wear one.

Whatever be the mindset which treats helmet wearing as an activity deserved to be laughed about; but one thing is for certain -- In some situations Helmet can make all the difference: A difference between Life and Death: A difference between your mother's smile and her wailing (loud cries).

As simple as that: Nothing more nothing Less.

I have witnessed both the situations, that's why I can say this for sure.

In 2007, I was returning to Rishikesh from Dehradun. Near Doiwala, one national Highway, a guy in motorcycle, in front of me; tried to overtake a bus ahead of him. But when he was about to overtake the bus from the right side, an india coming from the opposite side, brushed the front tyre of the motor cycle; the guy shot up in the year, hit the bus's rear and landed on the road. His pant torn apart and shin bone in leg broke into two and came out of the flesh. This shin injury, was a result of some sharp edge on the bus. Since the guy landed head first on the road, I thought, the instant he hit the road, that the guy would not survive. I quickly, pulled over my scooter, and picked the guy from the road on my lap, and checked him for injuries. The guy's leg was quite damaged; but he didn't receive any life threatening injuries; and he was conscious and kept asking me, about the extent of his injuries. His Helmet saved his Life. The humble helmet broken into two, served its master.

I asked for a piece of cloth from nearby shop, tried it tightly on the broken and bleeding leg, before he could see it; assured him that he is ok; and asked the bystanders, NOT to give him water. Some guy stopped a car, and the guy was taken to Himalyan Hospital.

Today, around 11:45 AM, I was on way to Rishikesh from Haridwar, and a similar incident happened on Rishikesh Haridwar By-pass, near Devendra Swaroop Brahmachari (DBS) Public School. A guy on a motorcycle, in his late 20s (I assume) tried to cross the road; was hit by a dumper (a big truck). Actually, the dumper only brushed the bike, that too, from the left front. The guy shot up into the air, and landed on the road side. coincidentally, I was the first one to see this accident, hence I pulled over, and went to see the guy. This guy was unconscious;  had some injuries on his knee, and that apart there were no visible injuries. But then I saw blood coming from his mouth. Assuming that, he might have some internal injuries in his head; I made the guy sit, supporting him on my lap. By then, may helpful people assembled, and they did their best to call the 108 service. The guy remained unconscious for more than 20 minuted, and then regained some consciousness. But, everyone, among the assembled crowd, was concerned about his well-being. Soon, the guy's father, mother and brothers came and finding their loved one in semi unconscious state, started wailing. His father even fainted. Soon the 108 ambulance service came and the guy was picked up and taken to the Government Hospital Rishikesh. I pray to God, that the Guy gets well; as there was no one to save this guy from life threatening injuries. There was NO Helmet to save the master, this time around.

Imagine, if a Helmet would have been there, this guy would have stood up himself to get dressed the bruises on his leg.

I pray to God, he gives the guy a chance to wear helmet in his life ahead. May he get well.


It's surprising, how much most people underestimate the humble helmet. Not only the gear itself; they also poke fun at those who wear one. I can remember an instance, when, while on my way to Dehradun, a guy on a two-wheeler, bare headed, and helmet hung on the handle of his bike; shouted at me in a friendly manner, informing me that "Helmet is not compulsory Here" (I was wearing a helmet). I smiled back at him and kept going.

Helmet is a serious protective gear; and not a thing to be taken lightly: It can make a difference between Life and Death, & Happy and wailing loved ones.

It also symbolizes, how much we respect our country and its laws. Shouting about corruption is Good; but what about the corrupted mindset which tells one to "wear a real or token helmet when a constable is in sight"?

If you are a young man or woman, the helmet is also an unsaid lesson taught by you to those boys and girls who see you as their role model. If one of these kids takes inspiration from your "I don't care about helmet", then who will take the blame, if one such kid harms himself/herself emulating you.

 If you disregard Helmet, think twice -- As you are not only disregarding your own safety; but also your country laws, the affection of loved ones and respect of those who see you as their role model.

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