Tuesday 20 March 2012

Media people: Have some pity on Harish Rawat

Written by Anil Singh

A humble request to Media people, both Electronic and Print media: Have some pity on Harish Rawat.

Why? As there are reasons for this. Let I enlist them:

1) Mr. Harish Rawat, was put as the face of the Congress in the Uttarakhand Assembly Elections 2012. If you have observed: Mr. Rawat's face was prominently put on every hoarding. That apart he traveled extensively campaigning for candidates.

2) It's the second time Mr. Rawat was snubbed by the Congress High Command. Last time he has to sit quite for Mr. N D Tiwari.

The guy is bound to feel the pain. After 40 years of politics, this may had been his last attempt at Uttarakhand CM's post. He would feel the pain, when a parachute candidate was brought to the fore at the last moment.

It's Human nature:

Tell a thing, don't you want to grow in your life? Human nature aspires for higher state of living for itself. If a person works for something or is promised of something even indirectly; he/she treats the reward as his/her birth right. Hence no one, should criticise a person who aspires to grow big. The entire human history shows how important this "Aspiration to Grow Bigger and reach Higher" proved for the evolution of human population.

Hence, the media reports representing Mr. Harish Rawat as a "Sulking Man", "a person who wants meat", "Power hungry" are not only contrary to basic human nature, but also unfortunate. The representation also undermines the "Entire edifice on which Indian democracy rests".

For what reward, MLAs toiled day and night?

Elections are not a small endeavour; They need consistent effort not only during five years, but also an intense effort, a couple of months before the voting. Candidates, not only have to speak a lot, they also cover extensive distances to reach to the voters. These candidates are ably assisted by numerous supporters, who show their continuous solidarity for their leader.

For an MLA, the CM's post is the pinnacle of his/her political career. Just imagine, how much disappointing it's for these MLAs and their supporters; if every time a candidate from outside, a person they don't consider one among them, is brought for the post of CM.

Hence, media should not represent the Harish Rawat episode wrongly. The man, had MLAs with him, and is seen as one among the winning MLAs, by MLAs themselves. This was proved, when at one point Rawat had 18 MLAs to his side.

Giving the episode the name of a "rebellion by Rajput or Thakur faction in Congress against the Brahmin CM" is entirely unfortunate on the part of the some sections of Media (many media outlets published reports of this nature). Equally infortunate is writing reports, which try to push the sham agendas like "CM from Kumaon", "CM from Garhwal" etc. As if so much partisan thinking among Uttarakhand people existed, or the Rajput community in Uttarakhand was at such daggers with the Brahmins; then how come Only 1 Chief Minister out of 7 so far, came from Rajput community.

It's Time to think where Indian democracy is heading:

It's not the time, we see Uttarakhand with a regional or caste bias. But, it's important to see things from the perspective of an ordinary MLA and those who campaigned endlessly with them. Any aware citizen should ask himself or herself: If we don't give our MLAs aspirations, then how can they serve us well? Won't they feel stagnated.

If the political parties can ask us to vote for a certain candidate OR can show us the face of a certain person all through the campaign; then why are they (political parrties) in two minds, while choosing a CM. Isn't even 1 MLA out of 32, not good enough to be Uttarakhand's CM?

If we have faith in Indian democracy, then we should have faith in people we choose. Considerations like Education, administrative excellence are superficial. If we choose a candidate empathetic enough; then he can administer us well, even if he's low on education and administrative skills. India has a provision of bureaucracy to take care of the representative's (MLA) educational and administrative deficiencies.

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