Friday 2 May 2014

Uttarakhand BJP accuses Congress of Vendetta Politics !

Written by Anil Singh

Uttarakhand govt is indulging in vendetta politics, says Ajay Bhatt. What is the worry, if BJP is coming to Power after the Lok sabha Elections 2014!

BJP is projecting as if all the evil forces in Indian and the world are trying to prevent Mr. Narendra Modi from becoming the next PM of the country. Which is a weird belief of BJP as if Narendra Modi is a God send man, then let the God himself (or herself) decide on the fate of these forces. Why repeat time and again the words like -- Vendetta (means Revenge Killing), Stalling (means 'to obstruct or to stop')etc.

The other day, Leader of Opposition in Uttarakhand, BJP leader Ajay Bhatt claimed that the Uttarakhand government is indulging in politics of vendetta by recommending a CBI probe into the multi-crore NRHM scam in the state at a time when the Lok Sabha polls are at the peak.

Notably, Chief Minister Harish Rawat has recommended a CBI probe into alleged irregularities in purchase of medicines under NRHM. The leader of opposition smells a fish here (means 'to suspect Conspiracy') ,as Congress Leader Harish Rawat can't do this (or shouldn't do this) at a time when the polls are at their peak and the model code of conduct is in force. The exact words of Mr. Ajay Bhatt are -- 

"The model code of conduct is in force shows that the state government is acting out of vengeance. This has been done in a hurry without even taking the permission of the Election Commission to divert people's attention as the ruling Congress can foresee its defeat on all the five Lok Sabha seats in the state. Congress may try out all "ingenuine methods" up its sleeve to stop Narendra Modi from becoming Prime Minister but BJP victory from all the five Lok Sabha seats in Uttarakhand is a certainty"

Speaking of diverting people's attention , it would be interesting , if the people could know Mr. Bhatt's opinion on Mr. Narendra Modi particularly pointing to the Lotus Symbol in his hand , just moments after casting his vote day before yesterday.

Mr. Bhatt can be given some points, for questioning the delayed CBI Probe intent. Notably, the Chief Minister had recommended a CBI probe last week into the scam pertaining to large-scale irregularities in the distribution of medicines worth over Rs 14 crore under NRHM, when the irregularity too place in 2008-2009 when BJP's Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank was in power.

But if polities is all about docking the rival on an uneasy point, then CM Harish Rawat's decision to do CBI probe now, looks valid; as Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal or Nishank is fighting the Haridwar Lok Sabha Poll 2014 against Congress's Renuka Rawat. And the public rally where Harish Rawat made this probe announcement was one which exhorted (means 'to encourage to do an act') the electorate to vote for Renuka Rawat.  Nishank fighting Lok Sabha poll on BJP ticket, doesn't mean he will not be questioned on amassing disproportionate assets and for rightly or wrongly being accused in any scams.

The following plea of Ajay Bhatt , which says -- "Irregularities in purchase of medicines under NRHM was just about some irregularities in purchase of medicines of expiry date under NRHM which had nothing to do with the Chief Minister of the day as a sale and purchase committee handles the matter directly," -- is untenable (means 'something which is hard to defend') , if one blames the UPA Prime Minster Manmohan Singh for the alleged irregularities that took place in Government. For the one simple reason : You can't have two benchmarks here.

Every time BJP leaders claim a wave, a sure shot win for BJP , Modi's Government in the Lok Sabha Elections 2014, it sends a message that voters are stupid. When voters are surely not. That's why BJP must not repeat such "sure win" prophecies (mean 'God's or prophet's word, which is believed to be true') again and again. They are quite boring as well.

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