Saturday, 21 April 2012

Kids not Playing Outdoor Games, worries UK Health Department

Written by Anil Singh

UK Health department has recently rolled out a list of 40 outdoor games for country’s kids. The proactive step taken by the department follows a recent research which says that if a group of 8-10 year olds in UK are taken to greens, only half of them actually play and enjoy. The another half who have got into the habit of watching television and playing video games; don’t appear to be interested in any outdoor activity. That part, the study found that One in every four kids, has never played Outdoors.

This is not limited to UK alone’ increasing number of children in many countries; actually don’t play. Instead, they remain indoors and either watch television or play video games.

Health experts find this scenario, affecting the childrens’ health negatively. A scenario which affects their health as adults too.

As a parent, you should encourage your child to play outdoors. Playing games outdoors not only gives much needed physical activity to Kid’s body and mind; and some precious fresh air; but also gives the kid the opportunity to develop social skills by interacting with fellow kids.

Yoga can also be included as an outdoor activity for Kids. Experts say that even 3-7 year olds can be introduced to Yoga. While, choosing a Yoga teacher for your kid, ensure that the yoga class is an interesting combination of movement exercises, games, and a lot of laughter. In short the classes should be different from the ones meant for adults.

But before introducing your Kid to Yoga, just tell him/her to get out of the the house and play in the nearby park. Timeless outdoor games are best for any kid. And these games should never be replaced by even Yoga.

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