Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How will you Reap mangoes, if you sow Acacia

Written by Anil Singh

In India, and especially among wise men in Rishikesh and other spiritual cities, one preaching is quite common:

"Boye ped Babool Ke, To Aam kahan se Hoye".

This couplet in English means: If you have sown Acacia, then don't expect to reap Mangoes.

Spiritual leaders in India, keep sharing it with their disciples so often that; ordinary folks also share it on one situation or other. It's an altogether different thing, whether they rightly understand its meaning or not.

What it means:

This is not to blame anyone, but religious leaders or 'Dharma Gurus' in India, explain the couplet of the meaning in a very selective manner. They define it the way it suits them. And in most occasions, their goal is not to empower the followers.

Lets discuss the meaning of the Good Speak in an elaborate manner:

The couplet says: If you sow thorns, you will get the same. You can't expect fruits or goodies; if you are in a habit of sowing thorny tress like Acacia.

Now, you will hear many seers in Rishikesh, defining it as: Do Good and Get Good. But they stop at just that. They don't elaborate.

For a seeker of truth, it's essential to know, what exactly Doing Good Means.

Now Doing Good doesn't mean: Earning Money or fame by bad means; and then putting a portion of that money to Good Use. Doing Good means, Ensuring that the means should be Good as well.

There's eon simple reason to it. If your means are NOT GOOD, you would sow thorns in other people's paths, right at the point of sowing. Hence no matter how much you try to do GOOD, after the first step, will not give you Fruits.

Bad deeds don't stop at just earning ones livelihood; they also include how a person 'Acts morally and Humanly'. To summarize: Not treating one's spouse, partner, children, colleague, subordinate or killing daughters in womb or not treating them well -- are also bad deeds, akin to 'sowing thorns'.

Fruits here not only means tangible rewards: But intangible rewards like 'Inner Peace, contentment and Happiness'.

Do think over it.

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