Monday, 2 April 2012

May Yogis in New York get Peace of Mind

Written by Anil Singh

One lot of people, who are in a great need of some Peace of Mind, is the Yogis or the Yoga teachers in New York.

As Yoga Studios where they impart the science of Yoga to their disciples, are now under the ambit of a sales-tax. Yoga studios in New York are being charged with 4.5% sales tax.

The New York Department of Taxation and Finance, which decided to bring Yoga Studios under sales tax in April last year, see their decision to ‘Tax Yoga’ more as a fairness issue. To defend their decision, the department says that if Pilates studios that provide similar services should be subject to taxes in the city; then why Yoga be an exception.

Yoga studios fall into a category of businesses—specifically weight control or health salons—that must pay the city's levy, officials said.

Oh dear! Yogis sitting in New York indeed need some Peace of Mind. After all, money loss rattles most.

A Suggestion-- Try Deep Breathing!


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