Thursday, 12 April 2012

Missing Girls of Uttarakhand | Sequence of Events which lead to female foeticide, proves that a woman is woman’s biggest Enemy

Written by Anil Singh

In most societies across world, Father and son barely speak to each other. Hence it's highly unlikely that they will team together to push a daughter-in-law or any woman kill the unborn daughter.

I wouldn’t have said this, unless I was convinced that what I’m saying is not some blatant Generalization (I hate generalizations, like ‘All politicians are corrupt’ etc.)

Hence here I Go:

I think, When it comes to female foeticide, a woman is another woman’s biggest Enemy.

Sequence of Events which lead to female foeticide, proves this.

In most societies across world, Father and son barely speak to each other. The communication in this relation is limited to informing about the most important things and the rest of the issues are left non-conveyed.

Hence, when a man decides to kill his unborn daughter in his wife’s womb, he does so when pushed by three events:

1) Man’s Mother tells him to Kill his unborn Daughter: First is his mother asking him to get the foetus aborted if the foetus is a girl. It will amaze some, but women do have the audacity to discuss most personal issues with males. The bond between a Mother and her son is so close that mothers do talk to their sons about things father couldn’t imagine discussing. Hence, it’s the mother who pushes the son to kill his unborn daughter. If she would have raised the issue in the first place. The unborn daughter would never be aborted.

2) Man’s perceptions acquired by him during his growing up years, results in Killing of an unborn Girl Child: In the absence of a mother, if the man is brought up in an atmosphere where Boys are treated better than Girls; then the preoccupations regarding the ‘inequality between a girl and a boy ’ makes the man suggest his wife abort the female foetus.

3) A Girl brought up in a biased way by her mother; when becomes a wife; favors sons: A girl, who is brought up in a discriminatory atmosphere; most of the times by her mother; when becomes a mother herself has bias for a male child. And sometimes, it’s she who aborts her unborn daughter.

I’ll still say, this will appear generalization to some; but just have a close look at the sequences which lead to female foeticide; and you will find a woman playing an important role.

In addition, it's a thing of common observation that whenever mother-in-law, wife or wife's mother; firmly decided to give birth to their daughters; the Girl Child is SAVED.


3 constructive comments:

  • Satyendra says:
    16 May 2012 at 07:57

    I am surprised by this analysis. This way- why only female feticide- you could blame women for almost anything - crime, corruption, accidents, climate change, a politician refusing to give DNA sample etc. etc.- anything..
    The fact is otherwise. Men have been at the helms of affairs for a long long time on earth- and they must accept that they have failed somewhere.. It is men who convince women that they are of less importance- and therefore must make "sacrifices"..


  • A Bisht -- Admin says:
    16 May 2012 at 10:18

    @Sachin_____________No you are generalizing the assertion made in the write-up.

    It's WRONG TO say: Women have to face atrocities as they wear short or tight fitted clothes in public.

    OR for the entire crime against women, a woman is responsible.

    As atrocities happen to those women as well, who are coved from head to tow, hence for this onus lies on the Governments and the executive.

    But beginning of female foeticide begins in the confines of home.

    More than it being a legal issue, it's moral issue.

    I'll not argue with you, but if you can do, just ask 4 women who have killed their unborn daugheter.

    In bear share of cases, it's either the woman herself, her mother-in-law, her husband indoctrinated by her mother, her mother who brought her up in such an environment which has low opinion of the women in general.

    When we talk of female foeticide, it's the dislike for women for a woman, which is responsible.

    In cases, where a woman, mother-in-law, woman's mother chose not to abort the foetus. The Girl came to this world.


  • A Bisht -- Admin says:
    16 May 2012 at 10:33

    @Sachin_________In his book, human sexes, Desmond Morris, a renowned psychologist, says that women are programmed for two things:

    1)To love the strongest male, please him and become submissive to him. This is to get the best resources from the male for her offspring. Hence, if this submissiveness makes any woman kill an unborn daughter, then your reasoning can be correct. But still, killing someone to please a man can't be called right.

    2) Women are individual animals. In comparison a man is a Group animal. Women are programmed to have 'individuality' as this ensures continuous flow of resources for the children. One important tool used by woman to preserve this identity is make herself distinct from the crowd by using Fashion. Another tool is to never agree with a fellow woman and have a low opinion of the gender in general. The man in older days had to hunt big animals hence he's a Group member. The programming still remains.

    That's why you seldom see women successful in group professions like Army.

    hence if you say that women are not able to take their rightful share in politics, then you are not wrong either.