Monday, 16 April 2012

Uttarakhand Lower Subordinate 2010 Pre Cutoff | An attempt to crowdsource the Cut Off marks

Written by Anil Singh

Update 18/04/2012-------> UKPSC has uploaded the marks of the candidates who appeared in Uttarakhand Lower Subordinate Pre exam 2010. We have arrived at a cut off using that list.


Update 17/04/2012-------> Two of our esteemed readers, vivek@bel and Sanesh have qualified for the Mains. Congrats for Mains, to both.

In the comment section below this article; they have mentioned their respective marks, their category and their Qualification Status. You can find the disclosures in the comments section.

Since, vivek@bel scored lesser of the two and qualified for the mains; hence as of now -- it can be said that Anyone who has scored 102 or more, has qualified for the Uttarakhand Lower Subordinate 2010 Mains. One more thing, NO ONE from General Category Male has qualified, if he has scored Less than 92 marks (This is from UttarakhandPortal's own data).

One important thing: Since vivek@bel has not disclosed the category; hence Sanesh, who belongs to General Category, and has scored 112 marks can be taken as the cutoff for general Category. To summarise, Anyone in General Category who has scored 112 or more has qualified for mains.

A Request: It doesn't matter, whether you qualified or not. There's always a next time. If you help us in our attempt to reveal a cutoff to you; then you all will benefit. And will be able to prepare better the next time. So feel free to disclose your marks, category and whether Qualified or not in the comments section. You can do this anonymously (without mentioning your name).

-----------------Original Article-----------------

Uttarakhand Lower Subordinate 2010 Pre Cutoff | An attempt to crowdsource the Cut Off marks

When Uttarakhand Portal contacted UKPSC last week. They said, the marks will be disclosed on the website, once the result is announced. Like earlier, we can expect a scenario where although the cutoff is not disclosed directly; but individual candidates are given option to see their marksheet by submitting their numbers.

As UKPSC Haridwar has announced the result of Uttarakhand Lower Subordinate Service (Pre) OR Naib Tehsildar Exam - 2010, held on 06 November 2011, Today; hence we are trying to get on the probable Cut off marks.

We decided to try crowd-source the probable Cutoff for Uttarakhand Lower Subordinate 2010 Pre examination. What is expected of you, is to simply share in the comments section below this article, how much you scored and whether you featured in the List of Qualifying candidates or NOT. To Help you post comments without being identified (no need to disclose your name) -- we have enabled anonymous commenting today. 

Pl share in the comments sections, the marks you think you would have scored in the Uttarakhand Lower Subordinate 2010 Pre examination, by taking into account the negative marking.Plus whether you have Qualified for Mains or not.

NOTE: To Ensure that only serious candidates comment, we have enabled Comment Moderation for this Post; Which means that after submitting your comment; you will no see it immediately. Once we approve it, it'll appear on the comments section.

NOTE: Please Be honest with your disclosure, as it will help you immensely for your future competitive exams. Our Attempt is to reveal to you a cut off, which you can depend on and use in your future preparations.

Here we begin:

The boy, from whom we sourced the Question Paper to provide you the Answer Keys; would have scored 92 marks (61 percent), after taking into account negative marking. And he DID NOT Qualify.

This means the Cut-off is definitely above 92 marks out of 150 for general Category Male.

You can also contribute to this intelligence, in the comments section -- As accepting one's performance, helps one prepare better the next time. If you qualified -- Congrats; if you didn't -- better luck next time.

Comments Section is all Yours.

15 constructive comments:

  • manish says:
    16 April 2012 at 13:43

    in spite of providing liability in the form of negative assessment it is astonishing to have cutoff soaring and hovering above of what has been adduced by the said aspirant.moreover ,speculation is also needed for the cut-off in the sc/st domain

  • Admin says:
    16 April 2012 at 13:55

    @Manish---> Your assertion is quite valid. But what is happening is, for such competitive exams, a section of candidates are well prepared. And they faultlessly score high marks.

    If we successfully arrive at a cut-off via crowd-sourcing; then getting the cut off for SC/STs will not be difficult.

  • Anonymous says:
    17 April 2012 at 04:15

    Sir, any idea abt group c G1 Cut off marks.

  • vivek@bel says:
    17 April 2012 at 11:19

    On the basis of asnwer keys provided by UKPSC, i was getting 102 marks..and i have qualified for main exam.

  • vivek@bel says:
    17 April 2012 at 11:21

    on the basis of answer keys provided by UKPSC, i was getting 102 marks.... and i have qualified for mains exam.

  • sanesh says:
    17 April 2012 at 13:28

    i hv scored 112 marks,general. selected.

  • sanesh says:
    17 April 2012 at 13:32

    is there any change done by the ukpsc in the mains exam pattern..if yes,what..?

  • sanesh says:
    17 April 2012 at 13:36

    approx. hw much time the commission will take to conduct the mains exam for uk lower subordinate 2010...?

  • Anonymous says:
    17 April 2012 at 20:06

    congratulations to all qualifiers....sanesh your name isnt visible in the list though....nevermind...i think the cutoff for gen boys is 96.25 because the last candidate to have got selected has these marks..u arrange the xcel sheet in decending order and see it your self by puting in the roll no. of candidates with 96 marks in the result pdf their roll no. do not appear...

  • Admin says:
    17 April 2012 at 22:29

    @Anonymous_______Can you elaborate on the method you are using to arrive at a cut off of 96.25.

    And more importantly, it'll be better if you tell the file you are using.


  • vivek@bel says:
    18 April 2012 at 15:30

    Thanks. sorry, earlier i did not mention my category.I belongs to gen category...but more interestingly i got 108.75 marks whereas i was expecting 102 marks.

  • Admin says:
    19 April 2012 at 00:20

    @Anonymous________Sorry would not be able to help you on Group c G1 Cut off marks.

    Will try to include more such information in future.


  • Admin says:
    19 April 2012 at 00:22

    @Sanesh_________Thre's only one change. In the mains there will be no Optional Papers.

  • Admin says:
    19 April 2012 at 00:24

    @Sanesh___________There's usually a three months gap between the declaration of Pre result and the Mains. So you take July first or second week as the dates for mains.

  • sanesh says:
    19 April 2012 at 13:06

    i hv got 113.50 marks,general(i wrote 112 by mistake)