Tuesday 22 May 2012

First of its Kind Yoga Mat fold-able to Book Size

Written by Anil Singh

Yes it's fold-able, and not rolled like numerous Yoga Mats out there.

Can be called the First Foldable Yoga Mat which reduces itself the Size of a Book, is launched, by none other than the YoFoMat.

Claimed and vouched as the world's first foldable yoga mat, as opposed to your typical rollable ones, the manufacturer claims that the Yoga mat can fold to the size of a book and it offers the same grip as standard yoga mats.

For who is the "First of its Kind Yoga Mat fold-able to Book Size"?

A Yoga practitioner, who want to keep her Yoga secret.

A Yoga practitioner who finds it weird to carry a rolled PVC, with natural and recycled rubber, yoga mats in public.

A Yoga practitioner who has to travel on a bike or a public transport.

Such Yoga enthusiasts can simply fold their Yoga mat to book size and put it in their back packs.

Feel Good elements incorporated to this One of its kind fold-able Yoga Mat:

The YoFoMat uses an eco-friendly material that is "free of phthalates and heavy metals" and the manufacturer claims that they feel great. The YoFoMat come in 72- and 62-inch lengths, with ultra-thick models. They go from $39 to $55 depending on combinations and colors.

No Yogis in Ancient India were not that particular about Yoga Mats!

Really? Yes, they weren't. After all manufacturing was not that advanced then.


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