Sunday, 20 May 2012

Latest Development in the SC PIL for improving the infrastructure of the Haridwar city

Written by Anil Singh

You already know that a petition regarding poor infrastructure of Haridwar City, is pending at the Honorable Supreme Court.

The latest development in the SC petition is that on the last date of hearing in this PIL on Friday, April 20, 2012; advocate Anurag Tomar seek the direction/order against Uttarakhand government and development authorities to take necessary steps for improving the infrastructure of the Haridwar city.

In the hearing, it was pointed out on behalf of the petitioner (Upendra Dutt Sharma) before a Supreme Court bench headed by Justice Deepak Verma, that pursuant to earlier direction passed by the Hon'ble Court to the State Government to file a better Counter affidavit mentioning the steps proposed to be taken by the State Government to improve the traffic management of the City; Further informing the SC that the additional affidavit filed by the State Government does not at all indicate anything in this regard.

Haridwar Master Plan 2025  is a mere Formality:

It was also submitted before the Hon'ble Court that the master plan Haridwar 2025 filed before the Court is basically a sham and a mere formality and does not at all provide any solution to the problems of the City on infrastructure front.

Attention of the Honorable Court was also attracted on the report of well renowned Town planner Dr Najmuddin former secretary ,Institute of town planners, India annexed with the rejoinder, which says that the master plan Haridwar 2025 is grossly inadequate and does not even contain basic required factors for evolving a master plan. After hearing the counsels of both the sides the Honorable court has fixed the matter for final disposal in the month of July. You can also get a better idea of pleading before the court by reading the attached rejoinder filed by the Petitioner in this matter.

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