Monday, 7 May 2012

Want to take Yoga as Career? Beware of the Red Dragon

Written by Anil Singh

 The news is: China has got its first Yoga College.

Yoga teacher Manmohan Bhandari, who was brought up in Rishikesh and also learned his Yoga there, is the man behind ‘First Yoga College in China’. The college which aims to train qualified teachers for the ancient Indian spiritual and physical art form which has become hugely popular among the fast expanding middle class in the nation is currently taking its first batch of students.

The Yoga College is being established by the Yogi Yoga Institute of China, a brain child of Yin Yan, former Editor in Chief of the Chinese edition of the ELLE international fashion magazine, who is married to Manmohan Singh Bhandari.

Since its foundation in 2004, Yogi Yoga has trained over 10,000 teachers and instructors in their branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou (three commercial cities of China).

With the new college, Mr. Manmohan Singh Bhandari and Yin Yan want to take Yoga to a different level in China as it has become immensely popular.

Before discussing the Treat and Opportunities in this development, here’s a bit about the course offered by Mr. Manmohan Bhandari’s Yoga College in China:

The three-year course would focus on Hata Yoga (Hatha Yoga popularized in the world by B K Iyengar of India), a popular yoga form from India, would be conducted by a vastly experienced faculty from India and abroad headed by Bhandari.

As said, the first batch of students is being enrolled at present. Students from three year course would be chosen from the one month basic course involving 200 hours of training. From the basic to high level course would focus on shaping up a good teacher, Yin Yan said.

The entire 36 month course was expected to cost around USD 4000. The degree would enable teachers to become fulltime instructors of yoga, which is practised in all most popular gyms and health centres in China.

Ever since it was established Yogi Yoga has become vastly popular venture as its revenue touched USD eight million last year.

Here it should be noted that. China, which has a rich culture of alternate medicine & healing, has an inherent inclination towards Yoga. Hence, many people in China may learn, if not from the Yogi Yoga College, then from other teachers.

As a Yoga Student or Yoga teacher, how you should see China taking Yoga:

The fee of Yogi Yoga 36 month Yoga course; around 4000 USD (INR 2 Lakh), indicates that the college is targeting rich people from Us and European countries. Hence right now, India, especially Yoga hubs like Rishikesh and Haridwar, still beat China on price point. It should be noted that, a similar course in Rishikesh and Haridwar costs around 1000 USD.

Secondly, cities like Rishikesh and Haridwar have made a fine reputation for themselves in the area of Yoga and meditation. Hence, anyone who learns Yoga in these cities and complements his/her Yoga learning with a valid degree at some recognized college here, like Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Shankikunj, Haridwar; he/she is going to gain in future.

Rather than a threat, this should be seen as an opportunity; as Mr. Bhandari’s Yoga College and similar initiatives in future, will be making the Chinese people more aware about the ancient Indian science of Yoga.

Coupled with increasing prosperity among Chinese middle class (who is also exploring new places outside China) and the sheer population of China (130 crore); Yoga teachers in India will have more students in coming years. This also offers a tangible opportunity, where many would be teaching Yoga and meditation in China.

NOTE: Don’t take any career, simply because someone says it can be a great career. Make it your career only when you are passionate about it. Only take that career which your hearts wants to.Remember satisfaction is primary; money is secondary.

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