Friday 15 June 2012

Electricfoxy -- An Electronic yoga suit to Help you make a Perfect Yoga Pose

Written by Anil Singh

If you buy this particular Yoga suit, all you will need is a Yoga Book or DVD; and Human Yoga teachers will cease to exist in this world.

Yes I'm, joking. Such a day can never come, as the importance of human touch could never be dispensed with.

Anyway, the particular Yoga Suit I'm referring to is: An Electronic yoga suit which warns you whenever you make a mistake while perfecting a Yoga Pose.

Electronic Yoga Suit to protect You from doing Yoga in a insalubrious manner:

It's should be noted that Yoga may appear as a gentle and serene, no side-effect fitness regimen, but can result in serious injuries when performed incorrectly.

This sensor-equipped suit, named Move suit from Electricfoxy, is designed to figure out when your positions are out of Book, and instantly pique you with a gentle nudge.

The Move suit is equipped with four bend and stretch sensors that can determine exactly what position your poor body is being pushed into. If it's not the correct yoga position or something that could become dangerous, it will let you know through small haptic feedback devices that target the problem area.

Making the Suit even more useful to the wearer. As soon as the Suit wearer completes his/her Yoga workout, the suit connects to the linked smartphone or tablet to give more detailed feedback about your routine (you link your devices), complete with diagrams showing your positions.

Electricfoxy, says the suit can be used for pilates, golf, and even baseball, anywhere where a precise reading of your body position can help to improve performance. Today Show also featured the Electricfoxy Yoga Suit.

Currently the Electricfoxy Move suit is a concept.

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