Tuesday, 26 June 2012

An Example of Smart Thinking

Written by Anil Singh

Here I give you an Example of Smart Thinking.

As you already know the incidents of chain/bag snatching are on an increase in Uttarakhand, especially in cities like Dehradun, and Rishikesh. It has been observed that victims many a times engage in a tussle with the miscreant, trying not to let the bag go.

This is definitely NOT a smart thinking. 

Smart Thinking is what a lady in Dehradun recently did. About a week ago, the lady was returning home from her office. All of a sudden, a guy in a motorcycle approached her from behind and snatched her bag. In haste the bag fell on the road. The lady didn't try to rush to the bag. Instead, she tried to not the Vehicle's registration number. The miscreant disembarked from the motorcycle, picked the bag and left.

The lady registered a complaint at the nearest police station and told the police the motorcycle's registration number. Although, the lady managed to recall an inaccurate number, the police traced the miscreant a week later. And the guy is behind the bars.

This is what is called smart thinking.


There's not use engaging with miscreants, especially when you have not prior training on self defence. Even when one has training in self defence, and is a trained personnel in hand-to-hand combat, trying to overpower or engage with miscreant or anti-social element is NOT Judicious. You can never say for sure, the miscreant is not possessing some weapon OR has his accomplices nearby.

Do what the Lady did. After all no material thing is more precious than your well-being and  life.


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