Friday, 8 June 2012

How Children Learn Positive Habits?

Written by Anil Singh

Today I went to a dentist. The purpose was my mother's annual dental check-up.

In the reception area, about a dozen people were waiting for their turn. Among these were five children in the age group of 5 to 10 years. All these eagerly waiting people were sitting on chairs that were circling a small table with a couple of books on dentistry, computers and Spirituality.

Since the subjects of the books was not attention grabbing, hence everyone was sitting idle. People were either talking to one another, behaving the kids or staring at the ceiling & the windows.

As soon as I took a chair, I picked a book. Call it instinct. I started turning the pages. Let I admit, I was not paying even an iota of attention to the contents of the page. In essence, I was thinking of something else.

Then I left the book on the table and picked another book.

Then something interesting happened. All five children, sat from their chair and picked a book. And started turning the pages. To me it appeared as if they were mimicking my behaviour. I noticed a 5 year old with a book which had fine text and no pictures. When I turned my gaze at other children, they were also flicking their books -- on spirituality, computer chip, all boring topics even for adults -- in the most erudite manner.

To test their resolve, I didn't leave my book for the next twenty minutes. To my delight, not even a single child abandoned his/her tryst with a book.

 This is exactly How Children Learn Positive Habits.

They learn from Adults. If adults set examples for children, they are quick learners.


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