Sunday 24 June 2012

Mahi's Death is a time to introspect

Written by Anil Singh

John F Kennedy
Nearly 80 hours after four-year-old Mahi fell in a 70-feet deep borewell in Manesar town near Gurgaon; the district Administration and the Army managed to take out a lifeless body of once an agile toddler.

Mahi's Death is a time to introspect. A time to introspect for a nation (people), who keeps asking "What the nation has done for them?". When it (people) should be asking to self, "What it has done for the Nation?".

Mahi's sad death has pointed once again, India has become a country of complainers, cribbers -- who spare no opportunity to accuse, question, everyone except themselves.

All the While ...

All the while, country's media and the people of Manesar and elsewhere kept asking "Why the District Administration doesn't ensure that a lid is on, on such 70 feet borewells?".

This is ridiculous.

I ask you "Why do the people living in the street, locality or town ensure that the borewell has a lid on?"

As an everyday sighting, we see a brick or a stone, carelessly left on a road by some truck driver. The stone/brick can cause an accident.

In the very first place, why doesn't the vehicle owner removes the obstacle once his repair work is over. If he somehow forgets to do so, why not people who happen to pass by the stone/brick, stop and remove the obstacle?

Will we as a nation become so demanding that, we expect our prime minister to do even those small duties which we can do with our own hands.

You may or may not agree with me, but in a country of 120 crore people, expecting the System to do everything is immoral. Small duties fulfilled by us, citizens, help our country. Let I give you an example.

In a recent report, it's revealed that more than a Lakh or 1,00,000 people die in road accidents in India every year. A sizeable number of those deceased are the Two wheeler drivers. And one key reason for death in Two wheeler accidents is "NOT wearing a Helmet". Here, I will not say, if a rider wears a helmet, he/she can save his/her life. As it's his/her life, why should I bother. Here, I will give you another reasoning, a reasoning which can help the country. If people wear helmets, a significant number of them will not die in a road accident. This will help the bigger vehicle owner, who many a times has to pay indemnity (compensation) for not fault of his. It will help in other ways as well, people will not jam the traffic over the two-wheeler rider's death and as a consequence loss incurred by citizens due to such jams will decrease. Valuable public property will be saved as well, as many a times when a two-wheeler rider dies, people resort to destroying public property.

You may be Thinking ....

You may be thinking that the above reasoning is too stretched. Yes it's. But the idea is to give an example, how fulfilling our citizen duties can make a big change.

So next time you drive a car, and don't wear a seat belt, or ride a bike and don't wear a helmet. Remember that, you are one among those Indians, who "habitually asks, what the Country has done for you!"

US President John F Kennedy once said,

“Ask what you have done for your country, not what your country can do for you”

Do you still wonder, why USA is an undisputed Super Power and the Land of Entrepreneurs?

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  • Tintu says:
    24 June 2012 at 22:53

    Who dug that borewell and left it uncovered like a trap for people to fall into? It was supposed to be covered and kept protected. That is the carelessness of Indian civil engineers, irresponsible, uneducated, untrained and unskilled. There has been many such cases where kids fell into the borewell hole in India. Those who were behind that borewell project should be held responsible for that death and put in jail.