Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Wonder that is India! ...BJP's behavior proves that

Written by Anil Singh

History students may be aware of Historian AL Basham's iconic Book, titled "The Wonder That was India" (Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 1954) - published seven years after the 1947 Independence of India.

The original book has been Revised in 1963 and then 1967. Rupa & Co, New Delhi brought out a paperback edition in 1981. Macmillan Publishers Ltd., London, brought out a paperback edition in 1985. By 2001, the paperback version was in its 37th edition. staff review/book description reads "most widely used introduction to Indian civilization. Although first published in 1954, it has remained a classic interpretation.

To summarize, the book talks of how different viewpoints and philosophies, most of the times conflicting to each other, have existed in India since time immemorial; and how this is surprising and unnerving to a person who wants to see India as a logical entity.

Do read the book, if you get the opportunity.

In recent times, the way India and its main opposition party, the BJP is behaving instantly brings to mind Basham's book title, the wonder that is India!

Here are the contradictions existing in Indian air, at the moment:

1) BJP Demands CBI probe in Horse-Trading in Uttarakhand:

As you know, BJP is shouting immorality, illegality and fraud, since Kiran Mandal joined Congress. Now with Bhim Lal Arya, the Ghansali MLA, likely to repeat the Kiran Mandal Act; the principle opposition party in Uttarakhand has become implacable. Yesterday BJP did a press conference and demanded a CBI Enquiry on Horse-trading by Congress.

What a CBI Enquiry?!

Making it a perfect "The Wonder That was India" moment; BJP demanded a CBI Probe into Horse trading episode.

It's wonderful, as the same BJP is criticising and trashing CBI at the Centre. If BJP doesn't trust CBI at Centre, how come it trust CBI in Uttarakhand.

2) BJP and Team Anna is All Praise for "BC Khanduri's Lokayukta Bill":

The Uttarakhand Lokayukta Bill was another sham, which is in the good books of Indians for no valid reason. First of all, the Uttarakhand Lokayukta was not that independent, as promoted by Team Anna and BC Khanduri Government. In fine print, the Bill had a clause, where in, the Lokayukta would have to take permission from the Chief Minister, the Chief Cabinet secretary (an IAS) and the Leader of Oppostion, if he had to initiate an enquiry on the corruption charges on a Bureaucrat, Representative (MLA) and a minister. That apart, another clause wanted Lokayukta to file his annual report to the CM, Leader of Opposition and the Chief Cabinet Secretary.

Taking these two clauses in perspective, just imagine yourself, how independent such a Lokayukta would have been if he had to look into the misdeeds of the Rich and Powerful (politicians, bureaucrats etc.).

Hence, all the hype accorded by Team Anna and Khanduri Government to Uttarakhand Lokayukta Bill was a "The Wonder that is India" moment.

3) BJP is also not in favor of a Lokpal:

From rhetorics and accompanied blame game, it may appear that the Congress is against the Lokpal Bill; and BJP in contrast may appear as the only party which wants a Lokpal in India.

The fact of the matter is: If Congress is not Keen on Lokpal, so is BJP.

This is another "The Wonder That is India" moment for Indians.

The public stand of BJP is entirely different from its Parliament Stand. In Public its keenness on Lokpal is just a Lip-service. In reality, it is also responsible for the defeat of Lokbill Bill in parliament last time.

Do you know what BJP's objection to the said Lokpal Bill was? The objection was: The Lokayuktas in the states, will not be appointed under the Lokpal Bill. BJP and other political parties in parliament, except Congress, opposed to this clause in the Lokpal Bill, protesting that it will be an interference in the rights of the states. Hence, these parties wanted the clause to be removed, so that Lokayukta in a state is formed by the State Government and not by the centre.

Not mincing any words, if the Lokpal Bill would have been allowed to create a Lokayukta in a state, then that Likayukta would have been effective, particularly from the common man perspective. Just imagine a situation, wherein a BJP Government in Centre has the power to appoint a Lokayukta in a Congress ruled state. That Lokayukta would have unearthed more corruption of the government.

A few other "The Wonder That is India" moments taking place or which took place in recent times are:

1) An ex IIT professor, G D Aggarwal, who taught logical thinking to IITians all his life; found it fit to become Swami Sanand to save Ganga. Now instead of affirmative Action, he believes in God's intervention.

2) A Top Supreme Court Lawyer, Prashant Bhushan, who spent his entire life reverently bowing down before the Supreme Court, one fine day chooses to appear before the media with 15 files (each file a collation of corruption charges against 15 politicians, including the PM, demanding a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to be constituted to probe into the allegations made in those 15 files. When asked why he doesn't go to the Supreme Court; he articulately replies: As in that case SC will call CBI to probe the allegations.

Finally, we have a Lawyer who wants a media trial, and is afraid of approaching the Supreme Court.

The Wonder That was (and is) India!


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