Sunday 28 December 2014

Uttarakhand Governor makes ill informed Statement on Religious Conversion

Written by Anil Singh

Uttarakhand Governor Dr. Aziz Qureshi, is the latest among the "persons who matter", demanding for a strict anti-conversion law.

Uttarakhand governor Dr Aziz Qureshi on Thursday said only a strong law can prevent conversions.

This is exactly what the Uttarakhand Governor Said,

“The conversion ceremonies that are being carried out need to be stopped immediately. For stopping it, we need a strong law, Following a particular religion is a matter of personal beliefs. Hindu religion will not benefit when 2,000 or 4,000 Muslims are converted. Similarly, Muslim community will not lose anything. There should be no politics over the issue.” 

Further adding, the only two religions: poverty and affluence.

My question to the Governor is : Why does he want to stop these religious conversions?

1) When he himself admits that the religion is a matter of personal belief;

2)  When a miniscule number of people changing their faiths doesn't matter much;

3) Poverty is a more grave issue than religious problem.

I'm asking these questions to the Uttarakhand Governor, as being seated on a Constitutional Chair, he must keep in his mind, what the Constitution has to say about Religion. The Constitution of India is entirely opposite on Religious Conversions, to what Hon'ble governor is demanding now. He may have his views on faith and religion itself. He may have his views on conversion and whether a person is lured to a new faith or not, to the detriment on his tribal or any other faith. They must be the part of his personal views. But when Dr. is on a Constitutional chair, he must say what the Constitution says.


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