Wednesday 14 January 2015

Grow a Tree for three Years, Get Rs 3000 from Uttarakhand Government

Written by Anil Singh

A week or two ago, some reports surfaced online, about Uttarakhand Government's new scheme, under which, a person growing a tree for three years will be awarded with Rs 3,000.The details of this scheme, I'll try to know.

Another scheme is to grow one crore trees of fodder species. I suggest a couple of things with respect to the planting of fodder trees in India. The Government, must take initiative to encourage Dairy in Uttarakhand Hills. And when I say initiative, I mean real steps, not only to help people buy high yielding milch cattle; but also help them to set up sheds where the animal is in comfortable state, even during cold months. That apart, the Government should seriously think on providing very subsidised extra LPG cylinders to people with cattle, as that way the pressure on forests for fuel will reduce. When people use LPG to cook cattle feed, they will automatically stop gathering wood fuel. 


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