Wednesday 14 January 2015

Trash Vehicles roaming in Uttarakhand, to collect Dry and Wet Trash

Written by Anil Singh

Every other day, Trash Collection Vehicles or "Kuda Vahans", are requesting people of Uttarakhand to use the service to dispose off their wet and dry trash. These Trash collection vehicles are using Loudspeakers to encourage people to use the service. Ever Since, PM Modi mysteriously linked patriotism with Trash, or Mahatma Gandhi with Trash, the pitch made by these trash pickers is concluding with a music note, suggesting as if it's meant to encourage the country to join military for some upcoming war. The supporters of Modi's call are justifying the call, on the ground that it's indeed about a war -- A War against Trash.

They may have their logic. But still, the sound of an Army Trumpet after every Trash collection advertisement is too weird.

Coming back to this trash collection concept. The concept is simply a waste of public money. Why? As it's a half baked idea. Implemented in a haste (in Hindi means "Jaldbazi"). There's no intent, whatsoever, to manage garbage or trash effectively. It's just an act to build a political message.

Why I think so? Because, collecting garbage is not enough. There must be follow up procedures as well. For instance, there must be a proactive initiative by the Government (using its own machinery and manpower), both Centre and States, to clean up the litter already there. If people see, garbage dumps, every 100 metres, why will they use the trash collection vehicles? Other measures include, devising a waste management strategy and allocating funds for it.

In addition, at many places, Rs 50 a month is being charged from the citizens who take the service. Waste, if managed efficiently in itself is a money generator, hence charging people doesn't make any sense. That apart, why citizens have to pay for trash management, when it's the responsibility of the State or Country. 


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