Thursday 1 October 2015

Don't Expect Police as physically fit as a Soldier!

Written by Anil Singh

On September 30, 2015, Uttarakhand Police Inspector Rankers recruitment race took place in Hardwar. During the eligibility race, many Uttarakhand Police constables got fainted. One of them later died in the Hospital.

A sad and unfortunate incident.

After the said incident, many people started questioning the fitness level of the Police constables. Some even suggested Army level fitness mandatory for Police Constables.

I want to tell all such people that Police can't be made as fit as a soldier.

And there are reasons for that.

The reasons don't include laziness.

The reasons are different.

Police is meant for Policing.

What does policing mean? maintaining law and order, maintaining peace, keeping guard over, keeping watch on, watch over, defend, patrol (make the rounds) and collect data on people who can be a threat to peace and law & order.

Hence a police doesn't need to be as fit as a soldier.

A soldier fights enemies and hence needs to be intimidating. A police constable works among countrymen, who he doesn't need to intimidate (make other person afraid). All he has to do is take note of any crime, file report or put under custody any miscreant if the need be. He's not allowed even to beat someone inside or outside police lock-up.

Those who want Police to mimic Army commandos carrying assault weapons; are simply foolish. For the reason that you can't equip a person working inside a society with an assault rifle. Those who are telling you that a commando style police is a must for war against terror are simply misleading you; as that's not the work of Police. And for obvious reasons.

I'm surprised, why Police organised such recruitment races for Inspector posts, which are purely management jobs!


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