Wednesday 16 March 2016

Who broke Horse's Leg... Mr. Ganesh Joshi ?

Written by Anil Singh

In BJP's "From Parliament to the Road" rally in Dehradun yesterday; a sad incident happened. A horse in the Police troupe got one of its hind legs broken. As per various media reports, it's the BJP MLA, Mr. Ganesh Joshi, who continuously hit the horse with a bamboo cane; and as a consequence the animal got injured.

To what extent these reports can be believed.

On the face of it, it's impossible to believe that a human being can become so cruel that he can break a mute animal's leg. That's it doesn't look possible.

But the video clippings which are being shown on various News Channels, do actually show Mr. Joshi assault the animal with a bamboo cane. And too repeatedly.

In that case, what inference can be derived?

If Ganesh joshi chose animal instead of the human being, then it's very inhuman. And hence must be condemned.


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