Thursday 17 March 2016

BJP defense Weak | Ganesh Joshi and Horse incident

Written by Anil Singh

Hope that you would be aware of 'Ganesh Joshi and the assault on the horse issue'.

His party, the BJP, is defending him on the ground that the horse got its leg fractured by stumbling on its own weight.

It may be true.

Mr.s Joshi's assault on the horse, might have rattled the animal, and in the resulting chaos it got its leg fractured.

Butt there's a point here.

If the sole purpose of BJP's "From Parliament to the Road" protest was to register their disappointment with the Uttarakhand Government in a non-violent peaceful manner, then the moment the protesters were intercepted by the police, they must have peacefully surrendered and offered themselves for arrest. This is how, peaceful non-violent protests take place.

In simple, if you call your protest peaceful non-violent protest, then you don't go after the police with a cane. In the video clippings, Mr. Ganesh Joshi is seen doing exactly that. He's seen assaulting (in Hindi 'मारने को जाना ') the Police and the Horse.

That is why it's difficult to believe his party's defense.


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