Sunday 20 March 2016

Abandoned Cattle on Roads don't fall from Sky !

Written by Anil Singh

It has been reported that yesterday a roaming bull attacked a woman in Triveni Ghat Rishikesh, and ripped open her stomach. She had to be hospitalized and got more than a dozen stitched.

After the incident, the locals demanded the Rishikesh Municipality to take care of homeless cattle.

Obviously, the municipality will do no more than assuring the public of the appropriate action.


As it is not possible to take care of all the cattle left on roads by their owners.

Or is it possible?

You answer.

That said, by mixing religion with politics; many among us have turned a blind eye to the reality.

The reality that:

It's the people themselves who leave their unproductive bovines (old cows and male calves) on the roads.

This may look offending to some, but we do need to answer one question honestly :

What is the right way of disposing off non-productive bovines (belonging to cow and similar species)?

Simply saying "Gau Mata Ki Jai" or hot iron branding a just born male calf with a trident sign to roam on roads will not work.

We will have to rethink our philosophy of any other method of disposing off just born male calfs as well; as that is neither sensitive nor effective management.

This is essential, as India can't have productive Dairy Business, unless it manages to take care of its non-productive cattle.

Remember, just like humans, cattle will keep begetting male calves.

Remember, just like humans, animals will keep getting old.

Remember, we humans will keep wearing leather shoes, belts etc... and carry leather bags.

Hence why double standards?

If all those who are giving 'Gyan' in Gau Kathas, had any desire to better the lot of such cattle on streets; then we wouldn't be seeing them on roads.

The number of abandoned cattle on roads is only increasing. We must think about it logically!

To conclude, look at any food derived from an animal. You will find that there is always a degree of cruelty involved.

For instance, the milk we get from cow, is actually for the calf.

The honey which we collect from a bee hive, is collected by the bees for their own consumption.

But still we tolerate that. Why? As we see it as food. And that's quite logical.

This applies to food derived from any animal, in any form.


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