Tuesday 7 February 2017

Rambha River-let Dying of Waste, Trash and Pollution... Where, Why?

Written by Anil Singh

An Amar Ujala newspaper report today talks about the dismal condition of Rambha River in Uttarakhand. Where's Rambha River in Uttarakhand?... It's not very far away. Just falling into River Ganga it traverses the southern breadth of Rishikesh. If you have been to Rishikesh, then the litter and sever laced river-let under the Kali ki Dhal bridge is the River Rambha. It doesn't look like a river? ... Right!...Yes it doesn't. It looks like a sever laced drain.

Rambha is not alone, There will be hundreds of river-lets in Uttarakhand alone which have been reduced to majorly encroached sever and waster drains, trash dumping grounds and invisible fresh water sources (though only in Government records and historic accounts).

Who's to blame?

It can be people. Who primarily are illiterates with regard to how their own lives are negatively affected by such pollution and encroachments. And this includes everyone among us.

But more than we ignorant and environmentally ignorant people, the blame of such bad state of affairs of our water bodies goes to the mockery which is taking place on the name of Cleanliness (Swachh Bharat Abhiyan) ever since Modi Government came to power. In its close to 3 years of Governance, it did nothing about Cleanliness of our rivers, Cities, villages. It did nothing about encroachments. What it simply did is give Cleanliness another meaning -- the 'Political Cleanliness'. In simple it has reduced cleanliness to just political slogan. As a result, our cities are dirties than before and the biggest toll is on water and environment.

One can understand that cleaning rivers, water bodies, environment, cities, villages from pollution and litter requires big money. But having a highly marketed cleanliness drive and doing nothing is plain unfortunate. A much better option is to NOT have such a drive and manage whatever the Government can do depending on its resources.

But unfortunately this Government markets its campaigns more and does very little or nothing.

If the Modi Government had focused on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and its other cleanliness programmes then the state of Rambha and countless other rivers would already have improved. Cleanliness of rivers, waste management (includes everything from waste collection, waste segregation, recycling) needs a serious management.


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  • Unknown says:
    17 December 2017 at 13:17

    Yes, rightly said there is no sewage line in kali ki ghati sarvaranagar Rishikesh..and all the sewage opens into Rambha River...also there are no toilets in some homes and they openly defecate beside Rambha River..