Tuesday 7 February 2017

When PM Modi said, "and finally the Tremors were Felt Yesterday"!

Written by Anil Singh

During his motion of thanks speech in Lok Sabha today, PM Modi took a jibe at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s ‘earthquake’ remark made some months ago, saying that finally the tremors were felt on Monday. In his trademark style, the PM said ... और कल भूकंप आ ही गया । After which he smiled a bit and took a brief pause for the applaud to arrive.

Don't know how to react to such a behavior. Is an earthquake a reason to laugh at? Is an earthquake a reason to take jibe at political rivals?

What would have happened if yesterday's earthquake in Uttarakhand had resulted in loss of precious lives? ...

May be, the PM is not considering much for one life, as one life doesn't matter much to a billion plus people country, but still he must be sensitive enough to acknowledge that one woman in Uttarakhand had died due to house collapse during yesterday's earthquake.

Don't know what to say!... Speak less, think before you speak, be considerate are lessons commonly taught to a common man. And a PM is not a common man.


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