Wednesday 23 May 2018

Uttarakhand Police issuing motor, traffic related challans at peak of summer!

Written by Anil Singh

For the past couple of days, the heat wave has intensified in North India, including Uttarakhand. The Hill state's capital, Dehradun, which usually remains bearable even at the peak of summer is showing temperature related panic and complaining.  Particularly hit by the heat wave are two wheeler riders plying to and away from Dehradun. The heat wave effect is being intensified by constant traffic jams at numerous places on highways. The irritation of getting stuck in such traffic jams is further intensified by constant horn honking by four wheel drivers. Nobody is saying that the two-wheeler riders don't honk horns. But theirs' becomes a lesser sin in front of a car driver, who at any time is at far more comfort than a motorcycle rider. Pressing automobile horn mindlessly and unnecessarily is bad (including two-wheeler riders). So why indulge in it. It is one of the major reasons of road rage related arguments and fights. It must also be remembered that by following some simple rules on road, we will bring some small relief in the life of the police man or police woman, who is doing his/her duty in worst conditions. We, everyone who plies on road, must think about these men in Uniform as well. If motor vehicle rules, tells a two-wheeler rider and (or) on pillion to wear a helmet, then why not wear it. Why assume that by not wearing it, the rider is smart and the police personnel is stupid. Actually it is the other way round.

That said, at the peak of the summer, the Dehradun police has suddenly started a campaign to penalize offenders flouting norms through usage of retro silencer, unauthorized number plates (too small font, font written artistically, or displaying political / government position on car etc.), over-speeding, breaking of signals, using mobile phone, drunk driving, and commercial vehicle/overloading and breaking stipulation of road usage etc. The rules related all these offences are already there, they are just enforcing them and in consequence fining and challaning those flouting the rules. It seems that the drive is being run in all 13 districts of Uttarakhand.

Although the police drive is praiseworthy, the timing of the drive seems to be a problem. Such drives must continue throughout the year, except for the peak of summer. A continuous drive will not only ensure better conformance to rules, but will also save the police from initiating such drives when environmental forces are already distressing the commuters. Just a suggestion.


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