Tuesday 15 May 2018

Imposing Fine on People for throwing Trash... is Wrong!

Written by Anil Singh

We often see solid waste management as waste collection from our localities or from door steps. But solid waste management also includes waste treatment. So when a Government or a municipality does the waste collection part and ignores the waste management, then it has no right to penalize people for throwing trash along roadsides. Particularly when, the waste collection vehicles are also dumping the waste at the same locations (along roadsides, highways and forests). That too when people have to pay Rs. 100 per month per household to get the trash collected from their door steps. Why pay Rs. 100 when a person can dump his/her trash at the same location! ... is the reasoning here. It must be noted that Rs. 100 per month is still a big money for many households in Uttarakhand.

So instead of imposing fine on people for throwing trash on roads and elsewhere, the Government must ensure the implementation of proper waste management. When municipalities and civic bodies manage 80 percent of trash properly, people never throw trash on roads. 


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