Thursday, 13 October 2011

How Rampant is Sex Detection of unborn child in Uttarakhand?

Written by Anil Singh

It's important in Blogging (running a website which in essence is not a typical news website) to keep raising the issues of social and ethical importance; else what motivation will a reader have in visiting the blog (an online site, which differs from a typical website) everyday.

Let I admit, some of these topics, do delineate some readers by offending them; but still if raised appropriately and with a clear conscience, there are always readers, who appreciate the initiative.

That said, the topic being raised today is the issue of the "Prevalence of Sex Detection in Uttarakhand by using techniques like Ultra-sound, amniocentesis (looking for female fetus specific Barr Bodies in the amniotic Fluid in the womb) etc. with the objective of aborting the fetus if it is a Girl child".

If one looks at the data released by Social and non-government groups on the issue; then one finds that although the situation looks alarming, the conventional media in Uttarakhand (newspapers and TV channels), Religious readers, politicians seldom give their voice to the very wrong/unethical practice. As a consequence the girl child is continued being killed in Uttarakhand while in mother's womb.

To initiate a debate on this very wrong practice and bring this ethically and socially wrong practice to the forefront, a debate wherein the very aware youth of the state can be the flag bearer; we have stared a new Poll/Survey on the Top right of the blog. Do vote on the Poll/survey, the results of which will be announced on 11 November 2011.

The findings of the Poll and other inferences will help you esteemed and aware reader, talk about the taboo in a more comprehensive manner.

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