Thursday 20 October 2011

Uttarakhand LT recruitment 2010-11: Appointment Letters Finally Dispatched to Selected Candidates...Congrats

Written by Anil Singh

UPDATE 19/10/2011: The news is, the LT appointment letters have been dispatched to the selected candidates. But, the Uttarakhand Education Minister has warned the appointees, that if they fail to join their jobs within 20 days of  receiving the Appointment letters, they will risk losing their job.

Below are the Subject-wise, category-wise, Mandal-wise Final Merit Lists of the Uttarakhand LT recruitment 2010-11: 

LT appointment of Garhwal Mandal

5% Appointment (General & Female)

General English

General Hindi

General Homescience

General Maths

General Music

General Physical Education

General Samanya

General Sanskrit

General Science

Mahila All Subject

LT Appointment of Kumaoun Mandal

Kumayun All Subject Appointment 5%

KUMAYUN LT APPOINT ALL SUBJECT 70% [NOTE: File Size is Large, will take time to Save or Load]


UPDATE 11/10/2011: Those of you who have eagaerly waited for your LT Appointment Letters on October 10, 2011; and saw it pass just like any other date; are now being assure that your appointment letters will now be dispatched on Sunday October 16, 2011. The Government has instructed the SCHOOL EDUCATION GOVT. OF UTTARAKHAND,Dehradun to dispatch the appointment letters utmost by 16 october.

-----Original News Below ----Published on October 4, 2011----

SCHOOL EDUCATION GOVT. OF UTTARAKHAND has announced that it will dispatch release the appointment orders for all subjects of the Uttarakhand LT recruitment 2010-11; except for Drawing and Painting subject, on October 10, 2011.

NOTE: The final result of LT Recruitment, Drawing and Painting, is being delayed, considering the objections raised by the LT teachers and others. Notably, the dispute related to LT Teachers Drawing is at Honorable Uttarakhand High Court, Nainital.

NOTE: Candidates belonging to Drawing Department and 10 other candidates WILL NOT be dispatched the appointment letters. The 10 candidates are those who had not enclosed Caste Certificate, weightage marks, registration certificate at Employment Exchange and other certificates at the time of applying for the LT Recruitment.

NOTE: The new LT recruitment (s) will be made in those schools where their respective subject has vacancy. This will ensure that, every school at least has one LT teacher.

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