Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Why no Master Plan for Haridwar for the last 10 years: Asks SC

Written by Anil Singh

If the Uttarakhand Government finally frames a master Plan for Haridwar after not having one for the last ten years; then please thank Haridwar resident Upendra Dutt Sharma.

Upendra Dutt Sharma, sufficiently disappointed by complete mess in the city due to lack of proper planning, influx of new vehicles and increased population in the pilgrim town, filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India questioning – “why his city is not getting any Master Plan after the last one lapsed in 2001?”.

Responding to the petition yesterday, the Honorable Supreme Court of India bench headed by Justice Dalveer Bhandari issued notice to the Uttarakhand government and other authorities seeking their response on why they have not framed a new Master Plan for the city after the last one lapsed about a decade ago (Master Plan 1985 to 2001).

The Supreme Court has sought the response of Uttarakhand government on framing comprehensive rules for development of basic infrastructure in Haridwar in view of alleged lack of planning.

Appearing on behalf of the petitioner, advocate Anurag Tomar claimed that the traffic conditions in Haridwar have come in a state of total mess on account of large number of influx of new vehicles in the limited space of roads available in the city . Talking of infrastructure, the advocate claimed that on infrastructure front the local authorities and the state Government have done nothing.

Notably, the petitioner Mr. Upendra Dutt Sharma approached the apex court after the Uttarakhand High Court had refused to entertain his PIL (Public Interest Litigation, is simply a Lawsuit or case filed by any person, organisation for the protection of Public interest ).

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