Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Concept of Healing Water is not unique to Indians

Written by Anil Singh

Humans across the world share some common beliefs regarding the wellness qualities of nature and its resources.

Hence it’s not unique about Indians, flocking to some stream deep inside some forest; for that water’s medicinal properties.

People around the world believe in such properties; for reasons that range from scientific, to tradition, to just Belief (and hence faith).

Truskavets resort, in a small town in Ukraine- one of the oldest health resorts in Europe, annually hosts 200 thousand people from around the world. And the attraction is the Healing Water -- water which can wash down stones from kidney.

The medicinal properties of the water come from the local springs. The water which smells and tastes like petroleum is rich in mineral salts and organic petroleum compounds. The presence of organic petroleum compounds is the reason why one of the most popular streams of all, is named "Naftusia" - from the Ukrainian word for 'petroleum'.


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