Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Uttarakhand govt announces financial aid for abandoned women

Written by Anil Singh

The Uttarakhand cabinet today decided to give a financial assistance of Rs 400 per month to abandoned and mentally challenged women in the state. The meeting was chaired by Chief Minister B C Khanduri.

The aid in the form of financial assistance would be given to 50 women from the 13 districts each in the first phase, informs the CS Mr. Subhash kumar. The Chief Secretary further added that, more women will be included under the scheme later.

What to say, I have no words:

The Government and the CM seem to be desperate to tilt floating votes to their side. Else, How can someone roll out such a Scheme?

First of all:

1) Why begin the scheme with just 50 women in the state. When women who cut to the list, will count in thousands, if not lakhs.

2) Why demean/shame humanity, by providing Rs 400 per month to unfortunate (hapless, helpless) women. How can someone live an entire month on Rs 400?

3) Unless mentally challenged women are kept under some care taker, like ‘Womens’ Homes’, how will it be ensured that the money is spent on them?

Someone can applaud the CM for his Rs 500 a month increase to Bhojan Matas, Rs 416 extra as honorarium to Asha Behans and Rs. 500 pension to jobless senior citizens in Uttarakhand; but to me this is nothing but a cruel joke.

No one, atleast the mentally challenged or abandoned, is demanding pennies from the CM. And no one is keeping any malice regarding his attempt to benefit from Army vote bank in the state.

The request is just simple: If you make policies for Uttarakhand people, keep in mind the dignity of human existence.

Else, it appears as if, the state is run on the philosophy reflected in Narendra Singh Negi’s song’s following couplet:

पैंशन मनिऑर्डर का सहारा यक जीवन चरखा चलणो, कैं बिचारो नी बीरुजगारी वैकी क्वी नी सुनणो
पैंशन मनिऑर्डर का सहारा यक जीवन चरखा चलणो, कैं बिचारो नी बीरुजगारी वैकी क्वी नी सुनणो
फिर एक तमगा…, फिर एक तमगा लाचारी को पै रैगी जिन्दगी

[Translation: Life's wheel is running on Money Orders, No one listens to those unfortunates who do not have any employment. If that was not enough; the Life has given such unfortunates a medal of Helplessness]

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