Thursday, 1 December 2011

Men do not Learn Driving in Mother's womb

Written by Anil Singh

In order to stop increasing road accidents in Uttarakhand, transport department is mulling having all prospective youngsters buying a bike sign an affidavit for cautious driving before they are allowed to make the purchase. The affidavit in itself is bizarre enough; let alone another provision of the proposed changes; which requires all females seeking a driving license undergo a mandatory two days training at schools specified by the Regional Transport Authority.

Yes, a girl or woman who intends to drive a two wheeler in the state; will have to undergo a two days of training at the RTO; before getting a license. The rule applies to women only.

Does that mean Men Learn Driving in Mother's womb?

Is it not like one of those beliefs, which finds Female Heads Stronger than males' (that's why girls driving a two wheeler without a helmet or a roper helmet is often ignored; or a woman sitting on the pillion seat of a two wheeler doesn't wear a helmet); and which sees a helmet more as an instrument to deceive a traffic constable than as a gear which protects the head.

Think over it.

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