Sunday, 4 December 2011

New Book provides a glimpse of 1840s Mussoorie

Written by Anil Singh

Ruskin Bond fans and people nostalgic about Mussoorie can rejoice.

Letters of a Mussoorie merchant”, a book by Ganesh Saili is all set to hit the bookstores on Monday.

About the Book:

The book is based on the Indian letters written by Mauger Fitzhugh Monk during his stay in Mussoorie. The Indian edition of the book, introduced by Ruskin Bond and edited by Ganesh Saili, is published by Niyogi Books.

The book has around 200 pages and contains eight rare pictures, which have never been published earlier.

The book is Monk’s story, in the form of letters written to his family in England. To lovers of Mussoorie, the book will be real treat as it is a record of this hill-station still in its adolescence.

Not to say, the Monk is just the sort of person one would be find in a Kipling story.

Notably, Mauger Fitzhugh Monk stay at Mussoorie was brief. He arrived in Mussoorie in 1840 and left in 1849. He died in Meerut on his journey back to England and the Channel Islands.

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