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Uttarakhand pcs pre 2010 examination Indian History Answers | Combined State Civil/Upper Subordinate Service (Pre) Examination 2010 Indian History Answers

Written by Anil Singh

Uttarakhand pcs pre 2010 examination Indian History Answers | Combined State Civil/Upper Subordinate Service (Pre) Examination 2010 Indian History Answers

Below are the Answers of the Indian History Optional Paper of Uttarakhand PCS Pre 2010 Examination ( OR Uttarakhand Upper Subordinate Examination 2010 OR Uttarakhand Sammilit Rajya Civil/Pravar Adhinast Seva Prarambhik Pariksha 2010) held TODAY that is January 8 2012, at various examination centers in 13 districts of Uttarakhand, in 9:30-11:30 AM meeting.

Below are Answers to the Uttarakhand pcs pre 2010 examination Indian History in no particular order:

1) Which of the following sources indicate towards Indo-Roman Trade?

Answer: Natural History of Plini

2) Which one of the following ruler and his achievement are known only through inscription?

Answer: _____

3) "History is the mother of all Sciences" who said this?

Answer: ________

4) Who propounded the 'Principle of Gravitation' before Newton's Law?

Answer: Brahmagupta

5) The valabhi Era is identical with

Answer: Gupta Era

6) Ajanta Paintings are related with

Answer: Buddhism

7) The ancient name of Bengal was

Answer: Gauda

8) Satvahana coins were made of

Answer: Lead

9) Who among the following was the first ruler to take initiative for water resource

Answer: Chandragupta Maurya

10)The number of Mahajanpadas in the 6th Century BC was

Answer: 16

11) Alexander invaded India in the year

Answer: 326 BC

12) In which inscription Harsha is called 'parammaheshwar'?

Answer: __________

13) Which dynasty was famous for its local self Government?

Answer: _______

14) There was an administrative unit under the Cholas named 'Kurram'. What did it mean?

Answer: A District

15) Which among the following dynasties had the strongest navy?

Answer: ___________

16) Which inscription tells us that a guild of silk weavers constructed a Grand Sun temple?

Answer: Mandsaur inscription

17) Who used Greek fire 'naptha and mangonels' (manjaniq) between 712 -714 AD?

Answer: Turks

18) Who among the following is a subaltern historian?

Answer: Ranjeet Guha

19) Who may be considered the pioneer of Marxist - history writing in India?

Answer: D D Kosambi

20)  Who is the author of the book entitled 'What is History'?

Answer:  E H Carr 

21) The biggest hoard of the Gupta gold coins is

Answer: Bayana Hoard

22) Which is the Oldest Script of India?

Answer: Brahmi

23) The term dronavapa in the post-Gupta period refers to

Answer: A measure of Land

24) Who was the author of 'Kitab - ul - Hind'?

Answer: Aberuni

25) The main feature of Indian Society during 800-1200 AD was

Answer: Feudalism

26) Which one of the following is not written by Amir Khusrau?

Answer: Tarikh e yamini   written by Abu Nasr Muhammad ibn Muhammad al Jabbaru-'Utbi

27) Where did the traveler Ibn - e Batuta come from?

Answer: Morocco

28) Shahna-i Mandi Supervised

Answer: Market

29) During the Sultanate period chief of the military staff was called

Answer: Ariz - i Mamalik

30) Who was called 'Tuti - e - Hind' ?

Answer: Amir Khusrau

31) Which of the following King started Vikram Samvat?

Answer: Chandra Gupta II 

32) To which ruler of the Chola dynasty are the following statements related?

1. For two years he ruled jointly with his father
2. he sent a naval expedition against the ruler of Sri Vijaya
3. He built a new capital at Gangoi Kondacholapuram.

Answer: Rajendra I 

33) The Tripartite struggle was fought among

Answer: Pala - Pratihara - Rashtrakuta

34) The principle of wahadat - ul - Wajud was propounded by

Answer: Ibn - e Arabi

35) Who among the following invited Babur to invade India

Answer: Daulat Khan Lodi

36) Which sultan of Delhi ordered a ban of women that they cannot go out Delhi to pay respect at mazar?

Answer: _____________

37) The first dynasty of the Vijayanagar kingdom was

Answer: Sangam

38) The largest administrative unit in the Vijayanagar empire was

Answer: _______________

39) Baba Farid was a follower of which Sufi Order?

Answer: Chisthi Order

40) Which of the following was not born in North India?

Answer: Guru Nanak 

41) Akbar constructed Buland Darwaza to commemorate the victory over

Answer: Gujarat

42) Atala Masjid of Sharqui period is at

Answer: Jaunpur

43) Adhai Din ka jhopra was built during the period of

Answer: Qutubuddin Aibak

44) Which of the following were the two basic coins of the Sultanate period?

Answer: Jital and Tanka  OR 2 and 4

45) The term ''Shaikhzada' was used during the Mughal period for

Answer: Indian Muslims of High clan

46) Nur Jahan's real name was

Answer: Mehrun-Nisa 

47) The birth place of Akbar was

Answer: Amarkot

48) In how many subahs Akbar's Empire was divided?

Answer: 15

49) Akbar issued MAHZAR in the year

Answer: 1579

50) What is the unit of measurement of land in the Maratha revenue administration?

Answer: Kathi

51) In which year the Treaty of Purnadhar took place between Jaisingh and Shivaji?

Answer: 1665 AD

52) Who founded Maratha Maha Sangha (Confederacy) ?

Answer: ____________

53) Razm Nama is the Persian translation of which

Answer: Mahabharat

54) Who issued a copper coin called Dam?

Answer: Sher Shah Suri 

55) Who founded the state of Hyderabad?

Answer: Chin Qilich Khan

56) By which Act the rule of East India Company ended in India?

Answer: Government Of India Act 1858 AD

57) Who was the Successor of Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

Answer: Kharak Singh

58) The term 'Inter loper' has been used for

Answer: Unauthorized trader

59) The Grand Trunk Road in its modern shape was begun by

Answer: __________

60) Which of the following Acts abolished the monopoly of the East India Company over the China trade?

Answer: Charter Act of 1813 AD

61) In which year the Permanent Settlement in Bengal was introduced?

Answer: 1793 AD

62) 'Poverty and Un-British Rule in India' was written by

Answer: Dada Bhai Nouroji 

63) Which was the first European power to come to India?

Answer: The Portuguese

64) Who was the Mughal Emperor at the time of Third Battle of Panipat?

Answer: Shah Alam II

65) The policy of 'Ring Fence' is associated with

Answer: _________

66) The incident of 'Black Hole' was related to

Answer: Sirajuddaulah

67) Who among the following was not associated with the First War of Independence in 1857

Answer: Man Singh

68) Theosophical Society was founded in New York in 1875 AD by

Answer: Madam H. P. Blavatsky and Col. H. S. Olcott  OR Both (a) and (b)

69) Who said, "Go back to Vedas" ?

Answer: Dayanand

70) Who was the author of 'Gulamgiri'?

Answer: Jyotiba Phule

71) With which movement was Dudu Miyan associated?

Answer: Faraizi Movement

72) British India Society was founded by

Answer: _____________

73) 'Satyarth Prakash' was written by

Answer: Dayanand

74) The Famine Commission in 1880 AD was set up by the Government of India under

Answer: Sir John Strachey

75) Who introduced the Ryotwari Settlement in Madras?

Answer: Sir Thomas Munroe

76) Who called the Revolt of 1857 a "Mutiny of the Sepoy"?

Answer: ___________

77) The President of the first All India Socialist Conference was

Answer: ___________

78) In which session Congress demanded 'Purna Swaraj'?

Answer: Lahore Session

79) In which month Quit India Movement of 1942 AD started?

Answer: August

80) All India Kisan Sabha was founded by

Answer: Swami Sahajanand Saraswati 

81) Vellore Mutiny took place in the year

Answer: 1806 AD

82) Who among the following founded Home Rule League?

Answer: Annie Besant

83) What is the correct chronological order of the following events?

1. Cabinet Mission Plan
2. Bombay Plan
3. Wavell Plan
4. Mountbatten Plan

Answer: (b) 2,3,1 and 4

84) The Mohammadan Anglo-Oriental College was founded at Aligarh in

Answer: 1875 AD

85) Which is known as the 'Magna Carta' of Western Education System in India?

Answer: Wood's Dispatch 1854 AD

86) Who among the following Mughal rulers granted duty free trade to the East India Company in Bengal?

Answer: Farrukh Siyar

87) Two-Nation theory was propounded first time in March 1940 by Muslim League at

Answer: Lahore Session

88) Who among the following did not participate in the Non-Cooperation Movement?

Answer: ______________

89) Who among the following had called the Gandhi's Salt Satyagrah as 'An insurrection without arm'?

Answer: Louis Fisher

90) Which one of the following is correctly matched?

Answer : (d) A K Azad: Al Hilal 

91) In which part of India, the Ghadar party planned an armed revolt on 21st February 1915 AD?

Answer:  __________

92) Which of the following Freedom Fighters was not a lawyer?

Answer: Subhash Chandra Bose

93) The famous book of the Tamil Grammar, during the Sangam age was

Answer: Tolkappiyam

94) Which of the following was not a tribal assembly during the Vedic India?

Answer: Gopa

95) In which year was the Naujawan Sabha established?

Answer: 1928 AD

96) In which Round Table Conference Mahatma Gandhi participated?

Answer: Second

97) Who started the Indian Civil Services?

Answer: Lord Cornwallis

98) What is Ahat (punch mark)?

Answer: Coin

99) Cemetery 'H' is associated with

Answer: Late Harappan Culture

100) Which of the following is not included in the Vedic Literature?

Answer: ____________

101) The tallest monolithic image in ancient India was carved at which place?

Answer: ______________

102) The philosophy of the Upanishads is concerned mainly with

Answer: _____________

103) Which one of the following Indian deities is shown with six faces?

Answer: Karthikeya

104) The Sangams were

Answer: Literary Academies

105) The word 'Antyaj' was used for

Answer: None of the above

106) Sangam literature was written in

Answer: Tamil

107) The first metal used for making tools was

Answer: Copper

108) The first permanent home of Aryans in India was

Answer: ______________

109) Who founded the Sangam dynasty?

Answer: Harihara I & Bukka I

110) Temples constructed in Vesar style are found in

Answer: Dakshinapath

111) Which among the following did not patronize Jain religion?

Answer: Satvahanas

112) The Fourth Buddhist Council was held during the reign of 

Answer: Kanishka

113) Who was the first Tirthankar in Jainism?

Answer: Rishabhdeva

114) Syadvada is associated with

Answer: Jain Philosophy

115) Which of the following is not included in Panchamahavartan of Jainism?

Answer: Tyaga

116) Who was the earliest grammarian of India?

Answer: Panini

117) Which one of the following aspect is not mentioned in Kautilya's Artha Shastra?

Answer: Agriculture Technique

118) Who is the most important God in the Rigvedic Pantheon?

Answer: ________________

119) The animals in Buddhist literature are called

Answer: Sukhda

120) Which game was known as 'Chaturang' in ancient India?

Answer: Chess


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