Thursday, 16 February 2012

Who is the real encroacher? Animal or Man | Uttarakhand Government seeks early forest clearance for NIT campus

Written by Anil Singh

Uttarakhand CM pushing for early forest clearance for NIT campus, clearly tells who among the two – the man and the animal—is the real encroacher.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister B C Khanduri has asked the Centre to give an early clearance to 300 acres of forest land identified for building a permanent campus for National Institute of Technology, reported Principal Secretary technical education S Raju today.

Notably, as per the standards set by the Union Givenrment, 300 acres of land has already been identified in Sumari area of Pauri district for construction of NIT building but since the land belongs to forest department, a forest ministry clearance is required.

The Centre has approved the NIT for Uttarakhand in 2008. The NIT is currently being run temporarily from the building of state polytechnic college at Srinagar area of Pauri.

Yaksha Prashna:

If the Environment & Forests Ministry gives its nod to the project, which in all probability it will; then it becomes amply clear who is the real spoil sport in the Man-Animal Conflict.

Human beings being the most successful animals inhabiting this planet; have been encroaching on the habitats of the rest of the animal species for thousands of year. Humble animals have been tolerating this for long; until a situation has arrived, when animals can’t survive in the space left to them. Hence, in a sort of retaliation they (Elephants, leopards, tigers etc.) are visiting the human habitats, to get their right back (food is one among them).

Remember, the animals would still be tolerating encroachment in their homes; if the humans have not stolen stuff from those homes (wood for fuel, fodder for life stock)

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