Saturday, 17 March 2012

Yoga makes you stronger, sexier with literally zero accessories and Space

Written by Anil Singh

One thing which particularly goes in favor of Yoga, is that practicing it doesn’t need much gears and space.

You can do it anywhere; you can get some fresh air, and bed-size space.

This serves particularly well for individuals, who live in colder climates where they are kept indoors hibernating till the arrival of spring -- when they can put on our running shoes or set out for a bicycle ride under the glory of spring sun. Not to say, ‘blame it on Climate’ and they end up gaining much body weight till spring knocks at their door step.

I know this well, as Rishikesh, the city where I live and work, although doesn’t have extreme cold winters; but still the temperature variation between the summer and the winter; makes most of the population, extremely laid back during winters.

Yoga serves well to those individuals as well who are not particularly keen to join a gym (for reasons like too much free energy there) or run on a treadmill. Such individuals can adopt Yoga, as it can be done at some secluded space in one’s home, at a pace comfortable to their liking.

Activity in any form – whether it be walking, jogging, running, working out in a gym or even taking stairs instead of an elevator—not only helps one have a fitter body; but it also helps one feel Good and Happy. Science says, Activity helps the mind release certain chemicals in the blood stream – which make the person feel happy, motivated and optimistic.

Science also shows a direct correlation between physical activity and agility; which also means increased vigor or increased sex drive.

Yoga is an excellent activity, or more aptly said, a regimen; which gives you benefits shared above; and universe of other ones, which you know once you start practicing Yoga. Just to pacify some brows, which rose with the mention of ‘increased vigor or increased sex drive’; Yoga says, you can always use that increased vigor; not in just “Sex per se”, but preserve it and use it judiciously, for any endeavor you are up to – Studies, profession etc.

So, try Yoga, if you haven’t yet. And all you need is some fresh air and bed size space.

[Guest Article by Yoga Teacher Rajendra Pandey. You can find him at Yog Master]

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