Monday 19 March 2012

Beware of Bag snatchers in Rishikesh: They are of Two Kinds

Written by Anil Singh

Of late, some tourist spots in Rishikesh, like the Triveni Ghat and Aastha Path, are seeing increasing incidents of bag snatching. These guys, who are also called ‘’Tappebaazs” in local parlance; dress and behave like any ordinary guy, but are always in a prowl to pinpoint their next victim – a tourist who is not very attentive. Hence, if you visit Rishikesh, pay extra caution. Else you may have to part with your valuables.

Talking of Bag snatchers, Rishikesh is full of snatchers of other kind as well. These malicious individuals are even more risky than a bag snatcher – as the former not only rob one of material belongings but also of the very ‘Trust, a human has on a fellow human’.

As you know, Rishikesh is a renowned holy city of Hindus (people who practice Hindusim).
The popularity of Rishikesh, emanates primarily from two aspects:

1) It being seated on the bank onf Sacred river Ganges or Ganga.
2) And it being the home to countless illustrious souls and saints, who devoted their entire lives for one single Goal: Attaining the Supreme God. Call it the consequence of the good deeds of these great and enlightened souls – the ashrams and temples in Rishikesh; which gave these great men the shelter also became prominent.

It’ll not be wrong to say that, all of us living in Rishikesh are benefiting from the blessings of these masters – many of whom departed for heavenly abode, and many still in their mortal bodies. This renown of Rishikesh, pulls to itself, not only devotees (sadhaks) from India but also from across the globe.

Anyone, who earns his livelihood from Rishikesh, should try to preserve the reputation of the City. But a section of individuals are doing the exact opposite. Of late, the city has become home to saints, yogis and ashrams, whose primary goal is to exploit a seeker, visiting Rishikesh for ultimate knowledge and spirituality. These individuals, who are akin to bag snatchers, are in reality shallow saints, preachers and ascetics – whose primary goal is to rob the seeker of not only his material possessions, but also the “basic trust”. For these individuals manipulation is the way to go forward, even when they wear saffron robes 24 hours day. They can manipulate and indoctrinate a person to any extent; to mince Money.

But, the good thing is, if you as a tourist or pilgrim remain attentive to these disguises you will easily find many real saints, Yogis in Rishikesh.

Just as a rule of thumb, while visiting Rishikesh, follow the following few advices:

There are two kinds of people in Rishikesh – Real Saints and Real Service providers (who teach Yoga, meditation and other ancient Indian sciences). Real saints should be above – Money and Greed. Real service providers should be above any personal interactions, and are strict to the Terms Of Service they follow. If a saint asks for money, instantly know that he is a fake. If a service provider, a Yoga teacher for instance or a Guest House owner, appears to be more keen to establish personal relations with you rather than taking fee from you or rent for the room; instantly know he’s a fake.

Hope you pay attention to Bag snatchers of both kinds during your visit to Rishikesh; and Have a memorable Rishikesh visit.

[Guest Article by Yoga Teacher Rajendra Pandey. You can find him at Yog Master]

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